Things to Consider while Buying Home BP Monitor

One in every fifth of Indian adults is suffering from hypertension (or high blood pressure). To make matters worse, most of the population might not be aware. Hypotension or low blood pressure may cause no health problems in some cases, but severe cases may pose a threat to one’s health. Therefore, self-monitoring of blood pressure at home is highly important for tracking blood pressure readings. It brings more clarity to doctors for treating the health condition with the right medications. BP Monitor machine enables more precise diagnosis and treatment in long-term follow-up hypertension. It also allows different readings averaged over time and measurements were done in the usual environment with BP Monitor. It gives a more reproducible blood pressure value of abnormally high readings because of anxiety when it is measured in the medical environment, also known as the white coat effect.

Studies reflect that patients are trained to measure their blood pressure at home may improve their control of blood pressure by improving compliance as they become more involved in their care.

If you are looking for a home blood pressure monitor, here are some criteria to consider before buying one. Let’s look here –

Select the right type of monitor –

While buying this health care product, one may talk to a doctor or pharmacist as they’ll guide you better than anyone else. You may ask if your healthcare team can suggest a specific home device that they are used to working with. You may decide whether you prefer models that are electrically operated or battery-powered.

Choose the inflation model, either manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. The manual one must be pumped up using a rubber bulb; the semi-automatic will need to be wrapped around your arm; while the fully-automatic will inflates by pressing the button, recording the readings, and displaying it on a digital display on the monitor’s screen.

Get the right cuff size –

A wrong-sized arm cuff can affect your readings and even constitutes the most frequent error in the measurement of blood pressure. Measure around your bare arm halfway between the shoulder and elbow using a close measuring tape to find your perfect size. Most semi-automatic Bp monitor models have two sizes or adjustable cuff that fits the majority of people. Be sure that the one you choose should fit the circumference of your upper arm.

Ensure accuracy through medical validation –

Different standards exist to measure the accuracy of blood pressure measurement devices against some recognized protocols. Make sure the blood pressure device you selected is tested, validated, and approved for accuracy by accredited bodies. A good device manufacturer would state whether their product adheres to an accredited standard in the item’s description. You should ensure device accuracy by checking the monitor for calibration and battery check every time.

Choose an affordable blood pressure monitor –

This will help you focus on affordable monitors that may vary in price depending on their brand and features. Some expensive models may include a feature that you don’t even require. So, it is wise to choose a cheap blood pressure monitor as long as it is equipped with sufficient features for your use.

Easy to use –

Buy a Blood Pressure monitor that is easy to self-monitor. Ensure that the display on the monitor is easy to read and understand. The directions for applying the cuff and operating the monitor should be quite clear. One should also consider its portability, especially if you are a frequent traveler or are advised to measure your blood pressure several times a day.

Read warranty options –

Most blood pressure monitors and cuffs will have a warranty available for purchase that will guarantee the function of the monitor for 1 to 5 years. Read the warranty criteria to know whether it covers the whole monitor, only the digital display, or the actual monitor, or not covers the cuff.

Conclusion –

Ensure the monitor is appropriate for the information you require when taking your blood pressure monitor. Several devices are carefully developed in specifications and models of operation to provide the most useful information possible for the body type, and physique is highly important. Buy the best BP monitor from Easy Aid Medical and get the best deals or discounts on it.