A hot cup of tea, especially during winter, has incredible benefits. It keeps you warm, boosts your immunity, and is an instant pick-me-up for those chilly days. However, rarely do people consume their tea on its own and nothing beats pairing your hot cuppa with incredible tea time cakes. Moreover, choosing the right combinations can help bring out the flavour of the tea and amplify the texture of the cakes.

So, here’s a list of cake and tea pairings that will tantalise your tastebuds and leave you wanting more:

Matcha tea and cheesecake

This tea is often vibrant and has an earthy flavour. Hence, it matches well with foods that do not overwhelm its notes and if you are looking for clues, you can take help from desserts that are already popular. For example, a matcha cheesecake. So, pair your evening cuppa with a rich and creamy New York-style cheesecake and savour this incredible cake and tea combo for a change.

White tea and vanilla cake

White tea has a mild flavour and is best enjoyed on its own, However, if you are looking to match this with a cake, choose mild tea cakes like a classic vanilla pound cake made with eggs, butter, flour, and sugar. This will prevent it from drowning out the simple flavours of the tea and make the cake taste more interesting

Breakfast tea and carrot cake

This tea is not too spicy, floral, or fragrant. Hence, it does not overpower the carrot cake’s delicious taste and spice flavour. Instead, it perfectly balances the cake and is a remarkable cup to reach for with this creamy and delicious cake this winter.

Masala tea and brownies

Everybody adores a good brownie, and there are several variants to choose from these days. For example, an overload brownie loaded with a generous helping of dark chocolate, a classic walnut brownie, and more. In addition, it goes excellently with a cup of fragrant masala tea and creates a beautiful combination in your mouth.

Jasmine tea and almond cake

This tea has a delicate and bright flavour and partners incredibly well with a delicious slice of zesty orange and almond cake. What’s more? This combination is often referred to as a match made in heaven!

Black tea and chocolate cake

Just like an indulgent red velvet cake pairs incredibly well with Pinot Noir, a dark chocolate cake and a hot cup of black tea is a heavenly pair. This is because, both the cake and tea have a bold flavour profile and the dark chocolate marries perfectly with the bitter tea, giving you a smooth mouthfeel.

Pro tip: Trying these out will give you a sense of what you like and what you don’t. However, make sure you keep experimenting with your favourite cakes to find out what goes well with your favourite cup of tea.