purchase an electric grill

Open flame cooking is OK when there are miles of sky above you, but it is not recommended if you live in a small space. Electric grills are appropriate for use in apartments and condominiums since they don’t have an open flame. While you can use any indoor-grade barbecue (hello, George Forman!) or any electric grill on your balcony or building roof, we really don’t believe you can do much better than the City Grill.

Williams explains, “We recognised that there was a demand for a safe grilling alternative. “We wanted to create something that wouldn’t ignite or produce smoke or flare-ups. Hence, we created the City Grill, which did away with all the negative aspects of cooking while still allowing the user to enjoy the taste, grill marks, and overall experience of grilling.

The City Marine built in grills is lightweight, portable, and simple to use. Williams continues by praising the grill’s key advantage: “It’s the only grill that’s UL-approved for both indoor and outdoor usage, so people who live in apartments can take it outside to the balcony or inside if it’s chilly, and use it exactly the same way they would if they were cooking outside.” The City Grill is expertly made to emit very little smoke, and it is most certainly not enough to trigger a smoke alarm (or your neighbors).