British Airlines Change Flight is aware that circumstances can arise in which you must change or postpone your travel plans. To avoid last-minute disappointments, passengers must first understand British Airways Change Flight policy in order for the procedure to proceed well.

Below are details on notice durations and any fees that might be involved. The consequences of modifying or cancelling your arrangements may worsen as your vacation draws nearer. Additionally, you should contact the British Airways customer service team as soon as you need to amend or cancel your reservation.

What is British Airways Change flight policy?

Here are the details on the flight change policy of British Airways:

  • British Airways can be made within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket without incurring additional charges. 
  • Otherwise, you have to pay the change fee on changing your British flight.
  • Similar to the original flight, your new flight must have the same routing and make stops at the same airports.
  • The same airports in each city must be used for both takeoff and landing.
  • In the same manner, even if taking a connecting flight will get you to your destination faster, you won’t be able to change your nonstop travel.
  • Finally, you won’t be able to switch to an earlier flight if you have already checked in for your original departure. If your plans are flexible, wait to check in until you know when you’ll be flying. This includes using online and mobile check-in.
  • Short-haul domestic flights will not be charged a fee by British Airways for same-day changes. The cost of altering a long-distance international trip on the same day depends on the travel class and price type. A minimum of one hour’s notice is required for a same-day flight change.

Now that you know much about the flight change policy of the airline, it’s time for you to head toward the steps involved in the flight change.

British Airlines Change Flight Process 

Visit the official site or download the airline app to change your British flight.

Via Official website:

Passengers can use the British Airways flight change process following the steps outlined below.

  • First and foremost, travelers must visit British Airways’ official website.
  • Then they must fill up the appropriate fields, such as the booking id and last name.
  • The specifics of your trip itinerary will appear on the website’s home screen as soon as you complete this step.
  • You may now make changes to your current reservation.
  • Choose a new flight using the available choices.
  • Passengers can select the option to confirm the changes after making them.
  • Passengers must now select the Save option to save the modifications they’ve made to their current reservation.

Via Mobile app:

  • On a smartphone, download the British Airways mobile app.
  • Enter the information to sign in.
  • Enter the last name and the reference id to show the booking details.
  • Press the alter button to make changes or modifications.
  • Depending on the needs of the traveler, a new flight may be chosen.
  • Passengers must confirm and save the changes to the flight.

However, if you are unable to follow any steps or you are stuck in between, you can call the British airways customer service number. The live person at the airline will help you in British Airways Change Flight.

British Airways name change policy

Let’s say the person’s passport name does not match the name on their plane ticket, which is erroneous. British Airways allows you to change your name over the phone. The passenger will not be charged for any type of name change. If you want to change your name on your British Airways flight tickets, you must adhere to the airline’s name change policy.

  • You will be charged by the airline a fee if you want to change the name on your ticket.
  • If you change the name on your airline tickets within 24 hours of purchase, there are fewer fees.
  • After 24 hours, you can be charged more to change your flight plans.
  • You can only change three characters of your name on the tickets.
  • Airline tickets purchased in someone else’s name cannot be transferred.
  • Your name can only be changed 5 to 6 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure time.

Therefore, now you know how to change your flight with British Airways, call on the British Airways phone number if you are facing issues in any process related to your flight.