Hair is a useful asset that may be exploited to enhance one’s personality or look. When you lose them, your confidence wanes. Hair loss may have a profound psychological impact and be cognitively challenging since those who have it seem much older than they actually are.

At first, you could be in denial, believing that hair loss is only temporary, which it may be for some people. However, for some people, hair loss may be permanent, requiring medical care. Natural remedies are commonly used to cure hair loss, but their effectiveness is in question.

Then there are the drugs that are on the market and, in most cases, your doctor will advise you to use them. Minoxidil and finasteride decrease hair loss, however when these drugs are discontinued, hair loss returns. PRP therapy was recently made available with the intention of encouraging hair development by fostering an environment rich in growth factors that fosters cellular growth. In the early phases of hair loss, PRP treatment may be helpful, but it is of limited use in cases of severe hair loss.

Over time, hair transplantation has shown to be the most successful method of treating hair loss. Nothing has shown to be more dependable than a hair transplant so far in terms of treating hair loss. A minimally invasive, cosmetic, elective surgical procedure called hair transplantation tries to encourage the development of new hair in bald spots.

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What is a transplant with unshaved hair?

Unshaven hair transplantation is a technique in which the donor region is not shaved prior to doing the hair transplant. Without shaving the head, the chosen donor site’s hair roots are removed. Based on the approach employed, trimming is avoided during the surgery at both the donor and recipient sites.

What techniques are employed for unshaven hair transplantation?

The two most common methods for doing a hair transplant are FUE and FUT. A strip of skin is removed from the sides and back of the head during FUT hair transplant. Each hair root is extracted once the strip has been divided into parts. The targeted bald region is where the extracted hair roots are replanted. Each hair root is removed from the donor location individually during a FUE hair transplant. The hair roots are removed with a punch instrument and then replanted to the appropriate bald region.

We prefer to use the FUT method and complete the process without cutting the donor or recipient areas. This method results in outstanding results without any shaving.

When doing a FUE hair transplant, the donor region does not need to be shaved; rather, the recipient site must be trimmed of any excess hair.

The Medispa hair transplant facility is unquestionably the ideal location for the procedure. Visit us to learn more about the transplantation of unshaven hair. Our knowledgeable staff will suggest the most effective hair loss therapy for you and create a personalised treatment plan.

What are the advantages of using no shave method?

  1. This method minimises your work break. The treatment location does not need to be hidden for days. You can begin to work right away and engage in social activities. No one would be able to tell that you had a hair transplant when the recuperation process is complete.
  2. If the trimming is not done, the scabs or flakes might be readily disguised.
  3. After the surgery, women do not need to cover their heads for many days.

Who is eligible for the no-shave hair transplant procedure?

  1. People want the public to be unaware of their cosmetic procedures. Prior to today, hair transplantation was not an option. For those who want to conceal their hair transplant from others, the no-shave method is an option.
  2. People who work in corporate or public roles where interacting with clients is crucial prefer the no-shave hair transplant procedure.
  3. Because it is difficult for them to appear in public with cropped hair, women prefer the no-shave approach.
  4. Those who want to continue their job lives right away might use the no-shave approach.