The design of commercial trestle tables is different when compared to regular ones. You can observe two vertical supports connected by a horizontal beam. You may even find three-legged tables for restaurant use.

Reports suggest that continuous use of this furniture item could lose screws. Only about 40% of restaurateurs consider this problem to correct this problem as quickly as possible. Suppose you correct it lately, there is a high chance of losing customers due to disappointment.

Don’t worry! This guide will help you understand how you could work on correcting the wobbly tables for your commercial reuse.

Fixing Wobbly Trestle Tables

i)   Identify the root cause of problems like loose trestles or horizontal beam

ii)  Upside down the table to look at screws to identify if they are loosen

iii) Scrape off any dried glue from loose parts using a chisel

iv) Apply glue again and screw them properly to fix loosened parts

This may work in your case if you are dealing with similar problems. Otherwise, you have to begin with stabilising the stretcher.

i)   Locate trestle support that runs parallel to its long side

ii)  Drill through the other side to create holes for tightening screws

iii) Inject glue into holes and use a hammer to penetrate

iv) Leave this glue for some time before you put the trestle support again

Suppose this process won’t work in your case, the only solution is to order new furniture items. It is the most suitable way of achieving the desired outcome and letting your guests sit together to enjoy food. The primary reason is that they observe stable tables.

Check the Trestle Tables Again

Once you are fixed the issue, it is suggested to recheck them to identify the tightness. In most cases, you could find that everything is okay. However, you may still observe wobbly tables in very rare cases. There is still a way to fix the problem. You are suggested to place those furniture items near the wall. This might solve it and let you keep things stable all the time.

Suppose you are not able to achieve what you want, the ultimate option is to reorder them. In short, you have to look for new furniture items to replace them. So, you have to identify the number of tables that are disturbed and place your order accordingly. It is suggested to order an extra pair to keep them in stock for your convenience.

Keep Caring for Restaurant Furniture Items

When you are serving guests with mouth-watering cuisines, you can’t leave everything on quality food. It is very important to offer adequate seating arrangements to them so that they could sit and relax for long hours. Once you are able to do so, you could please them and make sure that they could visit your place again. This is why you must maintain commercial trestle tables and chairs in good condition by following every possible step.

As buying furniture is an investment, you always want longevity. So, don’t miss out on checking the condition of your restaurant furniture items from time to time. This lets you correct the issue if any using DIY methods or purchase new items if required.