Teeth shifting is a natural phenomenon and it can be normal most of the times. However, if the teeth move at wrong angles, it will require orthodontic intervention up to some extent. So, what is teeth shifting and why you should be worrying about it. Let us see here.

Teeth Shifting

Teeth are fixed in your mouth but they do have some autonomy to move in the mouth. Your teeth shall move when there are some gaps around them. Treatment for teeth shifting is considered when the teeth have moved out of position. Some of the common causes are:

Your age – the teeth of elderly people are often misplaced.

People have the habit of grinding teeth during the night and so the teeth have a tendency of move out of its place.

Clenching your teeth during the day and one reason for this is stress.

Changes in the teeth due to decay and infection

Gaps caused by missing teeth

Injury or illness, for instance, you have got knocked out in a game.
Gum disease

Teeth move when you take up braces under the supervision of your orthodontist in South West Calgary. These braces apply pressure to the teeth and move then in their right positions.

Teeth movement after braces

Braces are designed to move the teeth in their desired positions and also improve overcrowding. During the process, they will apply force to the teeth and place them in their upright positions. After braces too, the teeth can move to the previous places and so, your orthodontist in South West Calgary will suggest you to wear retainers. So, can you fix your shifted teeth? Well, it depends.

How can retainers help you?

After braces, if you feel that your teeth have moved or shifted, retainers can easily repair a minor move. A retainer works by holding the teeth in the right place while the bone and gum heals properly, and moves into position. So, a retainer can reduce the chance of teeth moving around too much after braces, and it can even help encourage teeth back into the right position.

However, while a retainer can fix slight moves, it cannot work on significant shifts. You will also need orthodontic treatments to fix more substantial shifts.

How much do your teeth shift after braces?

Teeth movement can happen any time after you remove braces in case you are not wearing any retainers. The best way to minimize any undesirable shifting is to keep wearing the aligner or retainer as directed by your orthodontist. Otherwise, you may need braces again, or may be another treatment to correct excessive movement.

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