Did you know that you can receive a special discount on your flights if you fly Southwest Airlines with 10 or more people? It is real! The Southwest Group Travel program is what it is known as. This program is designed specifically for passengers who are traveling on the same trip in groups of 10 or more.

With the help of Southwest’s scheme, it should be less expensive and simpler for the group to book seats on the same aircraft at the same discounted rate. Both domestic and international flights are covered by the program.

What Does the Southwest Group Travel Program Mean?

The program is available for a group of ten or more individuals traveling together. Southwest Group travel program offers a special service that has low fares and other benefits. Check them out.

  • Complimentary checked baggage (even a musical instrument or athletic equipment can fit in one bag)
  • All the members of the group can check in online.

No Early Bird Seating is available, so you’ll have to visit the ticket window or kiosk to collect your boarding pass.

Who Can Travel in Southwest Group Travel?

With the help of Group Travel for Southwest, you can take large families, sports teams, school bands, destination wedding invitees, and business employees together on the same flight. This gives the option to fly at comfort and low fares.

Can We Book for a Group on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, you can book an airline ticket with the help of Southwest. There is a $50 deposit required for each passenger, which is a good perk as you don’t have to pay the entire cost upfront.
Although you will receive a return of the deposit five days after making the final payment, the deposit is NOT applied to the cost of the tickets.

How to Make Southwest Group Travel Reservation?

To make a Southwest Airlines booking for group travel, you can call the airline and offer the detail to the customer representatives. Call on 1-800-433-5368 to get through the process.

How Can You Check-in and Board with Southwest Groups?

You can check in online if you are traveling domestically. You can check in both ways, either individually or in a group. Get the boarding pass from the kiosk or counter.

To check in internationally, you can go as a single individual each time. You cannot check in as an Early Bird when booked through group travel.


When it is Southwest, it is easy to book and travel in groups. Avail of discounts and other check-in advantages. Happy Travels!