On hearing the name ‘Cancer’, an atmosphere of fear is created in the heart and mind because, at one point in time, the coronavirus treatment can be found, but the treatment of cancer has not been made to date and now it will hardly be made, but if the information And with the right treatment, it can be completely controlled.


What is cancer?


The human body is made up of innumerable cells i.e. cells and these cells keep on dividing continuously. This is a normal process and the body has complete control over it. But sometimes when the control of the body on the cells of a particular part of the body deteriorates and the cells start growing uncontrollably, it is called cancer.


How does cancer start?

Cancer starts when there is a change in the genes of the cells in the human body. It is not that there are changes in genes due to any particular reason, it can also change itself or it can happen due to other reasons, such as by eating intoxicants like gutka-tobacco, ultraviolet rays or radiation, etc. may be responsible for


Mostly it has been seen that cancer destroys the cells of the immune system, but sometimes the immune system cannot tolerate the cancer cells and the person becomes incurable cancer.

As the cancerous cells keep on increasing in the body, in the same way, a tumor i.e. a kind of lump keeps on emerging. If it is not treated at the right time, it spreads throughout the body.


How many types of cancer are there?


Doctors and researchers believe that there are more than 200 types of cancer and hence their symptoms are also different. But in this article, we will tell only about those cancers which have made people their victims very fast. Let us know what are the types of cancer. If you are looking best hospital in haldwani near by you so, ujala cygnus hospital is the best mulitspeciality hospital.


Blood Cancer


Blood cancer is at the forefront of fastest-growing cancer among people. In this cancer, cancer starts to develop in the blood cells of the person’s body, and due to this, there is a lack of blood in the body and cancer starts getting infected in the body very fast.


Lung Cancer


In lung cancer, the condition of the person becomes very pathetic and bad. Its main symptoms are difficulty in breathing, sputum accumulation, severe pain in bones and joints, and loss of appetite. There is a feeling of great weakness in the body. I feel tired all the time without any reason. Smoking is the reason for the increase of lung cancer.


Brain Cancer


Brain cancer develops in the head part of a person. Brain tumor is another name for brain cancer. A tumor is formed in the part of the brain of a patient with this cancer and this lump starts getting bigger with time and gradually spreads to the whole brain.


Breast Cancer


Breast cancer or also known as breast cancer happens especially to women, but it is not that it cannot happen to men. A kind of lump starts forming in the breast of women suffering from this cancer, which gradually starts increasing with time. If you want to avoid this, then keep getting the breast checked regularly.


Skin cancer


The cases of skin cancer ie skin cancer have also come up very fast in the country. Doctors say that skin cancer develops in the body due to excessive heat, not eating properly, and not doing physical activity. Skin cancer can happen to people of all ages.


What should be done?


What to do and what not to do in case of cancer is a problem, but first of all, we tell you what to do. Go to your nearest hospital and consult a doctor. Some tests are necessary to know cancer and its stage and based on them, the doctor further treats the patient.




CBC test does not provide accurate cancer information, but in which direction to take further treatment, it is known. The cost of this test is only Rs.400.

WBC i.e. white blood cells act like a protector in our body. It protects the body from diseases. In a normal and healthy person, their number ranges from 4 thousand to 11 thousand in 1 cubic ml of blood.


CT scan and MRI


If the report is not getting better even after treatment after a correct and accurate CBC test, then the doctor advises the patient to get a CT scan and MRI done. The cost of a CT scan and MRI starts from around 5000 to 7000.


Hemoglobin Test


Hemoglobin is the carrier of oxygen in the human body. If someone’s age is more than 60, then the amount of hemoglobin in his body should not remain below 10 and if the age is less than 60 years, then the amount of hemoglobin should be between 14 to 17 in men and 12 to 15 in women. If the hemoglobin is less or more than this scale, contact the doctor immediately.




This is a suitable test to confirm the possibility of cancer. In a biopsy, a sample is taken from the patient’s body. Although mostly it can be a tumor, the sample confirms whether the cells in the tumor are cancerous or not. The cost of biopsy is between 5 thousand to 7 thousand.

Cancer is such a disease, which slowly grows in our body and takes a terrible form over time, but if its symptoms are identified on time, then it can be controlled.