Cash is becoming less of a necessity in our fast-paced world, making card payment machines an indispensable business tool. But with so many devices to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is best suited to your needs.

Before selecting the card reader for your business, take into account how it processes payments. Do you require a mobile or countertop machine?


Zettle is a PayPal-powered POS system for businesses that need to accept card payments. It meets all PCI compliance standards and supports both chip and pin and contactless tap payments, with an integrated barcode scanner ideal for retail or food & drink outlets.

Zettle does not charge a monthly fee, but still charges transaction fees that can be divided into four categories: card-present transactions (swiping or inserting a credit/debit card number into the system), keyed-in transactions (when an actual credit or debit card number is typed into the system) and invoice-based purchases. For card-present transactions, Zettle charges 2.29% + 9 cents; keyed-in ones cost 3.49% plus 9 cents.

The card reader can be purchased separately or as a bundle with its docking station that keeps it charged and prints receipts. It comes in two models: one without barcode scanner, and another with both.

Zettle’s mobile POS solution makes managing inventory and selling products a breeze. With the app, you can build an organized product library, sort products into categories and add photos, bar codes and descriptions easily. Plus, Zettle tracks inventory changes as well as imports data from popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce.

QuickBooks Online integrates with this app, enabling users to create and send invoices, collect payments and track unpaid ones. Furthermore, sales reports provide insight into your sales by date, payment type, product or group, customer and employee.

Zettle stands out among other POS systems by not charging a monthly fee for its software, making it ideal for small business owners who prefer not to commit monthly. There is, however, an one-time $29 fee for card readers.

Zettle’s POS terminals use WiFi or 3G/4G networks to connect to the internet and can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle with a receipt printer and barcode scanner. They are suitable for various environments, from retail shops to restaurants and coffee shops.

Zettle’s Vend Register app can also be bundled with the terminals, accepting all major card and contactless payments. The app is free to download and works in the UK, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Brazil and The Netherlands.

Card processing has never been simpler, with customers being able to choose from nearly every card brand and mobile wallet through chip and PIN or contactless taps. The card reader is compatible with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

There are various integrations with e-commerce platforms and external POS systems to make inventory tracking and sales data management simpler. These include a PayPal card reader that connects directly to Lightspeed, Loyverse, Revel; as well as an powered-by-PayPal card reader which can be integrated with any existing POS or accounting software.

Barclaycard Business

If you’re in search of a business credit card, Barclays Business offers several products to meet your requirements. Their rewards and discounts, interest-free periods, and other perks make them ideal for small businesses. Whether you run a sole trader or large corporation, these cards can help keep track of spending and manage employee expenses more effectively.

Barclays also provides merchant services, such as card machines that can be rented to accept payments at your business. These ‘PDQ’ (Process Data Quickly) terminals come in desktop, mobile and portable form and come with a monthly rental fee and flat processing rate that reflects the value of each sale.

Barclays offers a comprehensive selection of credit and debit card payment machines to accommodate all businesses. These range from basic, low-priced models for smaller firms up to high-end models designed for larger enterprises.

Barclays card machines can help boost sales, foster customer loyalty and offer a safer checkout experience. However, they are expensive to lease and require regular upkeep.

Barclays also offers online payment systems to save you the expense of running a traditional card machine. However, this requires creating an entirely custom website and connecting it to a payment gateway provider.

If you need to process payments over the phone or from remote locations, Barclays offers a virtual terminal that enables up to five users to process transactions simultaneously. However, this comes at an annual cost and requires setting up a payment gateway on your website in order to use it.

To obtain a quote for Barclays’ service, you’ll need to contact them directly. They won’t publish prices online, but you can ask them for one and learn more about what they provide.

Barclays Business offers a range of card payments solutions, such as a business credit card, charge card and foreign currency account. If your company conducts international business operations, these options can help simplify international payments and save money on exchange rates.

To open a Barclays business account, you must meet certain criteria. You can apply online or by phone.

Business charge cards differ from credit cards in that they don’t have pre-set spending limits. Instead, these cards require you to use them responsibly – with the understanding that you will pay off your balance in full each month; otherwise, late fees will apply.

Finding the ideal business credit card for your company requires research into its features and advantages. Many are co-branded with airline or hotel brands, making them especially convenient for frequent travelers.

Tyl by Natwest

Tyl by NatWest is an innovative card payment machine and virtual payment service created in collaboration with UK SMEs. It provides various card machines and virtual payment options, plus next-business day settlement for in-store or online transactions.

Small businesses can utilize loyalty rewards tailored to customers’ regular spending patterns. This gives them a way to reward customers for returning, while also tracking how well their program is working with real-time data.

The new card machine, the most affordable stand-alone terminal on the market, has been designed to save merchants money in a price sensitive environment. Its flexible pricing model targets micro businesses with revenues below GBP 50,000. Through this scheme, rates have been reduced from 1.65% to 1.50% – saving merchants an additional 0.15% fee on each transaction they process.

Business owners can save money on card machine expenses without compromising any features they need from their device. In addition to having a touchscreen, this machine also comes equipped with Clover apps which let businesses accept credit and debit cards, process refunds, view transactions and reports, manage orders (both unpaid and paid), add employees, edit receipt styles – you name it!

Business owners have the option to go mobile with a version of the machine that connects to 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. This solution is ideal for small businesses that need to make payments while on-the-go.

To get started with Tyl by Natwest, you’ll need to register an account via their website. You’ll be required to provide both your bank account and business details. After signing up, you can begin accepting card payments at either your business location or online.

You’ll have the capacity to accept payment from Visa, Mastercard, American Express as well as mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Plus, you can accept PIN and chip-and-pin cards.

For further instructions on setting up your Tyl by NatWest account, you can reach out to their customer service team or visit their website. After logging into your Tyl portal, you’ll be able to add card readers and registers as needed.

Businesses with less than PS50K in revenue can utilize the platform free of charge. However, to continue using it for your other operations you’ll need to purchase a monthly subscription – something which may not be feasible if your budget cannot support it.

Tyl by Natwest is an attractive option for businesses that don’t require PCI certification, as it earned a score of 1.6/5 in our research. Unfortunately, its lengthy payout time and lack of credit checks may pose issues to those needing to meet PCI compliance.