There are so many designs, styles, patterns, and trends available while you go for engagement ring shopping that you need help to stick to one. You need to go through a proper selection process in order to find the best engagement ring for your woman. The selection process can consist of determining the budget, metal, diamond cut, ring setting, design, etc.

Even after going through the decision-making process of selecting your engagement ring step-by-step, you might land in a state of turmoil. So, here is a solution. If your girl is someone who likes her jewelry to be classic yet elegant, then you can opt for a cathedral-setting diamond engagement ring in New York.

What Is A Cathedral Setting?

This setting features a center stone flanked by the arcs of the metal that rise from the shank. In addition to adding a distinct profile to the ring, the raised structure also creates the appearance of a basket on the underside.

This setting derives its name from the architectural features that imitate the arches in doorways and ceilings of the Gothic-style cathedrals. The outstanding height of this architectural style made it one of the tallest styles of its time.  Think of your girl wearing a design of the most iconic and extensive type of design in the form of a ring.

A ring with this setting is usually found to be of high sets. These rings have been around the corner for a long time and you can find them while checking out vintage as well as modern engagement rings at the best diamond stores in NYC.

Now that you know the primitive information about cathedral rings, you might also be interested in their pros and cons. So here’s


  1. This setting is a classic but permits room for modification with the help of its metal type, diamond detailing, and other features.
  2. They enhance the impact of the center stone by utilizing a petite style.
  3. They allow designers to express their creativity by decorating the gallery with intricate metalwork or precious stones.
  4. The elevated setting enlarges and brightens the diamond.
  5. They provide a sleek look by adding character to the engagement ring with minimal expense.


  1. The intricate and open metalwork of this setting can be more prone to dirt and film build-up, requiring a little more care and attention.
  2. Featuring many gaps, dirt debris can get lodged in this design making it difficult to clean.
  3. If it is a high-set ring, it is like to snag on clothing, furniture, and hair.
  4. You will have to remove the ring while performing daily chores to prevent it from shattering.

These are some of the factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing a cathedral-setting engagement ring. Whether you buy an engagement ring with this setting or not since you have come so far, you can know a little more about it.

How To Care For A Cathedral Setting Ring?

Remember to check the prongs of your ring every six to twelve months.  Inspection of the ring will help catch any changes before they become permanent, as sometimes damage won’t be obvious at first glance. Store the ring in a safe and secured place like a fabric-lined jewelry case. This will offer protection to your ring from any kind of dirt or damage from the outside while you are not wearing it.

This is all you needed to know about cathedral-setting engagement rings. They can be a flawless choice for your girl. If you wish to buy such an engagement ring then you can visit the best jewelry stores in NYC.

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