Human civilizations have long been supported by cement-based materials. These materials were changed to keep their functions in our lives as human activities advanced. Cement’s primary role is that of a hydraulic binder, strengthening the link between broken-up particles so that they may be used in a variety of applications. The final product will differ from the starting materials in terms of its physical and mechanical characteristics. The exothermic hydration processes that are triggered when the binder and water are combined are responsible for these altered characteristics. If you want to know about latest cement rate in Pakistan today then check our post. The water molecules inside the framework microstructure will irreversibly rearrange due to the released localized heat. The most popular type of cement is called Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

This week, the Turkish Ministry of Trade announced that it was keeping an eye on events in the building sector. The government is specifically responding to complaints about the high cost of cement and supply problems. Cement and clinker shipments have been examined. The government was ready to take unspecified steps to remedy the problem, the statement said, noting that prices had grown significantly during the previous one to two months.

Despite the high cost of electricity, the cement industry has continued to see investment and merger & acquisition activity in 2022. Fernas Group successfully paid US$110 million to imsa imento in August 2022 to acquire two integrated cement plants, a grinding facility, and related ready-mix concrete assets. Safi Imento later in the year, in November 2022, purchased Aşkale Imento’s integrated plant from Sancim Bilecik Imento. There were also reports of a number of cement plant improvement projects, including those at the Kahramanmaraş plant of K.S. Kipaş Imento, the Hereke cement plant of Nuh Imento, the Silifke plant of MEDCEM, and the Ünye plant of OYAK Imento.

According to the Ministry of Trade, it is keeping an eye on events in the building industry regarding high cement costs and supply issues. Specifically, according to the publication Hürriyet Daily News, it is examining exports. In response to concerns it received in late 2022, it has taken action. Cement and clinker were previously added to the list of goods that need a permit to be exported by the government in 2021. Recently, inspections of cement businesses were conducted by several government agencies, including the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and the Turkish Competition Authority (Rekabet Kurumu).