Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protection Film – What is Better?

Okay, so let us all face the fact now – nothing beats the feeling of owning a striking shiny new car, but with the condition that it illumes all time. Instead, inevitably, cars tend to lose their aesthetic shine due to the natural wear and tear caused by natural elements like sunlight, water, or grime.

Have you ever wondered, “what’s the solution”? Is there any way to prevent it?

Well, car paint protection techniques are a one-stop solution for it. Indeed, it costs good enough, but it’s worth it. If you’ve already done the basic research on car paint protection solutions, you must have stumbled upon the term Ceramic coatings in Jaipur and Paint Protection Films. So, which one is better to preserve the untarnished gleam of your gorgeous car?

In the conflict, Ceramic Coating VS Pain Protection Film, let’s see what comes out victorious!

Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protection Film
Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protection Film

An Overview:

Ceramic Coating –

Starting with Ceramic Coatings are liquid polymers that bond with their factory paint to form a semi-permanent layer.  These include the raw material used in glass and ceramics, i.e., Silicon Dioxide or SiO2. Ceramic Coatings with a high percentile of high-end SiO2 of crystal-clear shield coatings add a glossy finish to your car.

Ceramic coatings are also known for their hydrophobic properties of the liquids that stick to your car. It is easier to wash off smudges and other unwanted marks. It also offers enhanced chemical resistance and protection from UV rays.

Paint Protection Film –

PPF Paint Protection Film is a fantastic thermoplastic polyurethane film that shields your car from scratches and rock chips caused by debris, dirt, stones, bird droppings, or other chit-bits. Light, transparent, and easily malleable, PPF will protect your car without taking the overall aesthetics and smooth finish like the one that rolls out from the showroom!

However, PPF in Jaipur comes with a soft healing coat, which gives them the power to self-heal instantly or when heated. The high-end films are unsusceptible to water spots, mineral marks from rain, UV rays causing oxidation, and chemical stains.

Ceramic Coating VS Paint Protection Film

So, here we’ll discuss how ceramic coating differs from paint protection film. Both these coatings strive to retain your car’s aesthetics by protecting and preserving the glossy look. In addition to their main goal, these products have similar features like reducing oxidation damage from UV exposure, hydrophobicity, and acidic protection.

Protection Level –

First, we should talk about impact resistance. PPF is thicker than ceramic coatings, giving them a higher impact resistance against flying debris like leaves, bugs, rocks, etc. Some PPFs also have a chemical composition allowing them to self-heal and return to their original form after a scratch, abrasion, or indentation. If scratch protection is your concern, then PPF is the best solution.

Another major part of protection is hydrophobicity, where ceramic coatings rank first. The coating repels water which makes it easier to clean your car in a jiffy since it will not get as dirty in the first place.

Next comes UV protection PFF tends to be yellow if it remains revealed to sunlight. A ceramic coating, on the other hand, is just like sunscreen to your car to protect its paint from fading due to heavy oxidation.

Durability –

One most important things to consider while choosing the best coating for your car paint is its -endurance. A high-quality PPF created from TPU Aegis PPF will offer 7-10 years of protection. Indeed, it must be professionally applied seamlessly and continuously maintained well.

On the other hand, Ceramic coating endures 2 to 5 years of protection according to the hardness you choose. A 10H ceramic coating is currently the best one in the market and will last 5 years if the application process is followed appropriately.

Prime Factor: Gloss –

Paint protection coatings shield the original paint and help retain its luster. Though, the ceramic coatings add extra sleekness and gloss to your car for velvety shine.  Nothing beats the gloss and shine, Ceramic coating provides. So, when looking forward to a perfect car coating with a high-end gloss factor, ceramic coatings are the best to go.

Costing –

The cost of both ceramic coating and paint protection film is based on the quality and size of your car. The cost of ceramic coating starts from 15,000 and PPF starts from 1,00,000. And the difference between both these are quality and durability. Moreover, the cost of both the coatings may vary according to the car size and quality the car care center offers.

Final Verdict: Which is the best recommended?

So, now make the final call, whether to choose Ceramic Coating or PPF, ultimately depending on your needs and preferences. Facts like how long you plan to keep the car and your budget type will matter. If you are bewildered about, “which one is the best for you”, just talk to the experts of Autologix Jaipur, and we will help you choose the best protection film for your car.