Fireplaces are a great way to heat your home and make it cozier, but they can also pose fire and health risks if not properly maintained. That’s why you should get your chimney swept and cleaned every year, so the creosote is removed, and no more soot builds up.

Charleston Chimney Sweeps offers a full suite of chimney services for your home and can help you keep your chimney clean, safe and efficient. We offer annual chimney sweeping and creosote removal, as well as inspections and repairs for roof, masonry and other issues.

We are licensed and insured in South Carolina, so you can trust us with your chimney. Our team is comprised of skilled technicians with extensive experience working on chimneys, and they can handle all your maintenance needs.

Whether your home is new or old, we are here to help! Our masonry professionals specialize in rebuilding and repair of historic homes, and we can recreate period brick and mortar to match the original.

Our masonry professionals also specialize in repairing and restoring foundations, ensuring that your home’s structural integrity is maintained for many years to come. We can even check for any signs of a crack in the foundation or other problems that may be causing damage to your home, such as water intrusion.

We can fix a broken flashing, an L-shaped piece of sheet metal that is installed where your chimney abuts the roof to prevent leaks and water damage. We can also install a cap to protect your chimney from rain.