I am probably one of the main categories of people who are worried by the astonishing rise of ChatGPT because I am a copywriter by profession and a general supporter of human creativity. But hold on—should we really be waving the red flag at AI content? Is this the writer’s doomsday, or are we simply stepping into a new era of collaboration between wordsmiths and robots?

Buckle up, because I’m about to tackle these burning questions head-on and lead you through the unfolding narrative.

Why ChatGPT Become So Popular?

Some describe it as reactive. Some consider it essential. And somewhere in the center is presumably where the explanation for its rapid increase in popularity lies. FOMO has gained more traction in the post-pandemic economic environment than ever before, and companies are turning to automation to stay (at least in their minds) ahead of the curve.

Other possible explanations could be related to erroneous rumors that Google would be replaced by artificial intelligence itself.

The demand for automated content may have originated emotionally rather than logically, which is a somber irony. But when the digital dust settles, will something whose popularity is a result of this be powerful enough to enthrall and interest people?

ChatGPT Cannot Duplicate Human Creative Thinking and Empathy

AI-written content and human-written content differ like “night and day.” A human writer is unquestionably a skilled professional with years of experience who understands just how to make it amusing, unique, and entirely appealing to the audience. ChatGPT lacks empathy as well since we have “a higher order way of thinking about things.

Limited Expertise

Several pieces of content produced by ChatGPT have the potential to be deceptive. First of all, AI copywriting frequently gives incorrect responses. Furthermore, there is no one in particular designated to edit it or question its veracity, so you face the chance of being given entirely wrong information.

The AI frequently fills in data gaps with inaccurate information since it has a limited understanding of what is considered factual and appropriate. In other words, even though you initially save time, you’ll end up utilizing that time again (and probably more) because you’ll have to go through every tiny detail to ensure that it’s accurate.

Will ChatGPT Eatup Human Writer’s Jobs?

That judgment calls for the synthesis of several points of view, a process that is not always rational but rather creative. For ChatGPT, creativity is all about the prompt. Utilizing AI for creative writing for any audience requires beginning with a subjective viewpoint that, for now at least, can only be provided by humans.

But neither copywriters nor customer service representatives, nor examiners should be lax. Instead, I am enthusiastic about using it to help us save time, which a machine will never value as highly as we do.

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