We chose to do a self-drive journey because we had read so much about the beautiful Road Trip from Chennai to Pondicherry. The travel time between Chennai and Pondicherry is about 3 hours, and the distance is roughly 150 kilometres. Nonetheless, we took a full day and stopped at two sights en route.

The drive had it all, from picturesque sea coasts and lovely rest areas to gorgeous viewing locations all around you and the highways themselves, which are simply majestic.

East Coast Road, which connects Chennai and Pondicherry, is bordered by the Bay of Bengal on one side and lakes and farms on the other.

First Stop In our Road Tour from Chennai to Pondicherry is Madras Crocodile Bank. However not a lot of people know about it. The facility has India’s largest crocodile refuge. You get to observe a wide variety of snake, turtle, crocodile, and alligator species.

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Interesting fact: The center boasts one of the greatest collections of crocodiles and alligators in the world and has reared 5,000 of them, making up 14 of the 23 types that exist.

In the centre are Komodo Dragons as well. You would be shocked to see the sheer variety & quantities of crocodile & snakes in the park.

Also, they have one of India’s few authorised centres for extracting snake venom. The demonstration of how snake venom is extracted costs extra.

Next Stop
Our next stop before continuing on our adventure was the town of Mahabalipuram. We went to Shore Temple, one of South India’s historic temples. It is the oldest Temple in India and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Interesting fact: Shore Temple, one of the earliest South Indian structural stone temples, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

The Shore Temple is in a stunning location, right on the water’s edge, and the temple building has been standing strong for a long time. You can also visit the beach at Mahabalipuram, which is close to the temple, if you have more time and the weather is favourable.

One of the most beautiful drives in India is the ECR road from Chennai to Pondicherry, which is among the Top 10 Road Trips in India.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Chennai to Pondicherry Road Tour

How long does it take to drive from Chennai to Pondicherry?

The East Coast Road stretches 150 kilometres from Chennai to Pondicherry. The entire trip takes about 3 hours to complete in one sitting. Book taxi in Chennai for a comfortable ride.

How long would the drive from Chennai to Pondicherry take?

The trip can be completed in a day, not just three. You can take the entire day if there is a layover. If you want to stretch out your trip over two days and spend more money, you can stay in Mahabalipuram.

How much would the road trip set you back?

The cost of the drive-through won’t exceed INR 5000–7000. It should cost around INR 10,000–15,000 to stay in Mahabalipuram for an extended period of time.

What to pack?

a lot of enthusiasm and a camera for the road journey. Carry sunglasses and sunscreen because of the tropical climate in Chennai and Pondicherry. Bring enough water for the trip, but make stops at nearby shops for coconut water along the way.