People tend to develop low self-esteem with their poor teeth alignment. Choosing an effective method to correct the defect is essential when it comes to treatment effectiveness, cost, and accessibility of the location. Atherton orthodontist Center offers special Invisalign treatment to restore your confidence with a captive smile. Dentists at Atherton are specialists with skills in preventing, treating and diagnosing all forms of oral problems.

Orthodontics treatment is considered to be unique for every patient. Thus, Atherton Invisalign Clinic offers a free consultation to its clients. When you have an appointment with the dentist, you have a chance to ask questions and make an opinion regarding the method of treatment of your choice. Consequently, your doctor advises the preferred mode of your treatment.

The patients at Atherton orthodontist Center discuss with the orthodontists about the history of their dental issues. The information recorded helps in determining the correct plan of treatment. the professional orthodontist at Atherton for both adults and children, has experience in all sort of oral complication. Atherton Invisalign treatment consists of a series of aligners that gets rotated in every two weeks.

Putting a smile on the face reflect the confidence, youthfulness, friendliness, health, and trust. Therefore, letting the power of confidence go is one’s choice since Atherton orthodontist Center provides affordable services that fit into your budget. Patients who visit Atherton prefer there Invisalign for the following reasons;

• Easy accessibility of the location

• Friendly, multilingual, and professional staff.

• Availability of the payments plans with no interest.

• Free consultation and affordable services.

Transforming your appearance is essential when you are preparing for an impressive smile. Invisalign is successfully done without interfering with the day-to-day activities of a person and maintaining good oral hygiene at all time. Atherton Invisalign treatment applies to correct wide ranges of complications like widely spaced, crowded teeth and overbites. You can quickly view how your teeth look like after completion of the treatment with the help of the computer model.

Once braces are in place, an individual has the responsibility to take care to avoid cases of orthodontic emergency. Precaution involves the selection of the type of food to eat when putting on braces. After treatment, the orthodontist provides patients with the home care kit containing instructions about the common problems.

Orthodontists advise that patient should not attempt to detach the loosen band so long as it is attached to the brace wire. An exception is acknowledged only when one is experiencing discomfort and wants to place some wax on it. Any instance where it comes out entirely, individual can then wrap the bracket or band in tissue and bring it as an appointment. When a patient allows the appliance to get damaged, it results in disruption of the treatment plan.

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