Choosing a plumbing company in Shreveport is an important decision, as the wrong plumber can cause more issues than a problem that is solved right away. Make sure you hire a reputable plumber who is available for 24-hour service and has experience dealing with your specific plumbing needs. Reputable¬†plumbers Shreveport la¬†company will always offer a written estimate of costs before beginning work and won’t require payment until the job is complete.

A flooded kitchen or bathroom can be devastating. If you aren’t able to clean up the water quickly, it can lead to mold and other issues. A licensed plumber can use chemicals to remove standing water, which will avoid these secondary issues.

Supply pipes and drain lines are made from different materials, ranging from cast iron to PVC. Depending on the material, these pipes can last 70 to 100 years. Unlike appliances and fixtures, which have a life expectancy of about five to eight years, supply and drain pipes only need replacement every few decades.

Licensed plumbers provide emergency services to help fix plumbing problems in your home. They can repair a leaking toilet, leaky water heater, or flood-causing sewer backup. They also do repairs for drain clogs, odor control, and preventive maintenance.