In this article we are going to talk about some of the major facets of Vegan products such as vegan bags handbags and clothing, vis-à-vis veganism in the wider context and the various factors associated with it.

Vegan products are kinder to animals. Vegan products come under the larger and wider umbrella of veganism. The idea behind veganism is being kinder to animals and contribute to preservation of both animals and nature. It takes into account the fact the animals have certain rights, such as the right to not be subject to any kind of cruelty for any human behaviour and endeavour and that no human endeavour should justify the killing and cruelty against animals.

People are becoming increasingly aware in the past couple of decades. The awareness comes in the wake of rising concerns for global warming, for animals, for human endeavours concerning nature and environment and a proactive civil society. But you may he wondering how exactly veganism is related to climate change. Well, you will be surprised to know that the biggest contributor to the release of GHGs which causes global warming is the animal rearing industry. It can be owed to the ever growing and exponentially high demand for meat products.

Also, there are products that use animal parts either directly or during trial and experimentation of the product to check the feasibility and safety of the product before human trials. There are products that directly use animal parts such as some segments of the fashion industry. Animal husbandry and the associated industry rears cattle at an exponential amount to cater to these multiple needs of multiple industries. This puts a massive strain on grazing grounds, and in fact the grazing ground increases and extends/invades into natural forestry. Some species are seldom able to recover from the damage done by excessive grazing.

Then there is the aspect of release of methane from the defecation of animals. Methane is a major GHG and usually the amount of GHG methane released in the grazing grounds is very high and this poses a threat to the environment. If you think methane is all that we need to worry about pertaining to this industry of animal rearing and husbandry, you are wrong. Cattle urine has high amount of urea as well, which turns to nitrogen oxide and that again adds to harming the environment.

Opting for vegan products such as vegan bags and vegan clothing and apparel and accessories means that your carbon footprint is reduced. you are not using any product that harms the environment and the animals. If you are looking for vegan bags, and if you are looking for vegan handbags, consider Louen Hide North America.

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