A company, brand or sponsor that uses a custom jacket manufacturer or any kind of custom clothing manufacturer, for any garment, is doing it because they are smart. They know that clothing that is branded, that has a logo on it, or contacts, or any kind of information on it, say a sponsor’s name or a band’s upcoming tours, garners attention. They know that people like to wear this kind of clothing, either given to them, say at a marathon, or bought, say at a rock concert, and they like to keep wearing it. The company or sponsor or rock band who is being branded, is getting tons of publicity. And custom clothing, be it jackets, tees, caps, aprons, bandanas, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters, is all going to get publicity. And that is the name of the custom clothing manufacturer’s game!

Good ways to get free publicity

Ask anyone who works in PR about custom clothing manufacturers and the custom clothing game, and they will tell you this is a great way to get PR. Ask anyone about sending out press releases and they will tell you this is a great way to get PR, although sometimes this is in the form of paid sponsorships. Ask a PR agency about a company giving radio interviews or magazine interviews, and they will tell you this is great PR. It does not cost anything and people remember, the same way that they remember what they see on tee shirts, sweatshirts, aprons or jackets. These items of clothing get worn over and over and over again, hence the free advertising or free PR.

So how do you get custom clothing designed? You go to the suppliers, to the people who make the custom clothing and brand it, such as a custom jacket manufacturer.