Delhi it is know the feeling of hot, blazing summers invading their living rooms and bedrooms. Before the sultry season sets in, it’s better to stay prepared. In this article, we will discuss some trivial issues that might affect your A/C performance during summertime and how a Ductable AC Repair Service in Delhi NCR can get the machine up to speed in no time.

Common problems plaguing the A/C unit

An A/C unit is a machine that has complex systems inside. In a hot region, an A/C can suffer from several problems, but most of them originate from either incorrect installation or the absence of routine maintenance. Technicians encounter some issues at a higher rate.

Firstly, is the problem of low or leaking refrigerant. If the level of refrigerant inside the A/C is low, chances are that it has been leaking out for quite some time. Another possible reason could be that the refrigerant wasn’t fully charged into the machine during installation. Either way, if the problem exists, it should not take much time to be identified and fixed in no time by an experienced technician. Refrigerants like freon should not be allowed to leak as they can be harmful to the inhabitants as well as the environment.

The next most common problem that an A/C unit faces is a frozen evaporator coil. Delhi being among the top 20 polluted cities, this comes off as no surprise. A malfunctioning evaporator coil can happen due to freezing up. Typically, this problem occurs due to dirt and debris accumulating on the air filters. The coil can freeze due to improper airflow, and the majority of the air vents close up. The technician will simply open all the air vents and then proceed to change the filters. Then the coil will be thaw and de-freeze.

If the A/C unit is running constantly even after the set temperature has been achieved it may indicate a broken thermostat. If left unchecked, it could rack up a serious electricity bill. A Ductable AC Repair Service in Delhi NCR can deal with the problem in no time.

It can be frustrating to see the AC not turning on after a long day out in the Delhi heat. It can happen if the AC is faulty or loose wiring which can be fixed easily by professional technicians.

Sometimes, the AC may vent out air at room temperature and no cold air at all. This may happen if there is tripped circuit breaker which should be left to be fixed by a technician.

If there is water leaking out of the vents and no cool air is flowing, then there is a problem with the condensate pump or undercharged refrigerant during the installation of the A/C unit. The best AC service in Delhi can fix this problem quickly and efficiently.

If the A/C keeps on turning on and off for a short period then it can seriously damage the compressor. This can disrupt the AC cooling cycle and not the room cool down. The problem can be attributed to clogged air vents or improperly calibrated thermostats.

A sign of problems in an A/C can be identified early on if, there is a strange smell coming from the vents. This can happen if there is a clog in the air vents which can cause the system to overheat. The smell of mildew or mold is related to faulty drainage.

If one hears strange noises emanating from the A/C unit, it should be checked right away. Any sort of vibrations, squeaking, or grinding noises can be an indication of a misaligned fan belt or motor bearing issues.

These are some of the problems faced by AC owners in Delhi. There are some easy tips to maintain an A/C unit so that it can run smoothly and avoid running into a major problem.

Easy maintenance tips for A/C owners

It may seem like a hassle, but regular maintenance can keep your A/C from running into a problem frequently. Here are some easy tips to maintain your A/C unit:

  1. A/C units nowadays come with a detachable cover that can be removed to clean the accumulated dust and debris inside with a lightly wet cloth or a vacuum.
  2. The fins on the compressor on the outside can be cleaned with gentle spray using a hose to clear the area from built-up grime and debris between two adjacent fins.
  3. The area around the compressor unit should be kept clean. If there is vegetation or branches near the unit hanging outside, it should be cut at least two feet in all directions to guarantee efficient airflow.


There are a lot of reasons why sometimes A/C maintenance can be cumbersome. In a situation like this, the person can opt for the best AC service in Delhi for smooth functioning and proper cooling.