Precision manufacturing has become one of the most important aspects of modern industrial endeavors and as the need for high performing and long lasting products increases, the old methods of manufacturing are increasingly losing relevance. Wire Cut EDM has now become a key manufacturing technology which is being used in a wide range of manufacturing and engineering activities.

Traditionally, most of the cutting and shaping work is done by using contact devices like diamond drill bits but by its very nature, contact drilling and cutting can only work to a certain level of precision. Wire cut EDM is not a traditional machining process and does not involve direct physical contact to that extent. Instead it uses electrical discharges to shape and cut conductive materials.

When coupled with 3D metrology, it can deliver very complex cuts and patterns. Thanks to its ability to deliver high degree of precision machining of complex shapes and intricate contours in materials is needed, this precision tech is being used in various industries. 

Consumer Facing Industries

  • Jewelry making: Over centuries, jewelry making has been a task of very high skill level because of two factors. First is the complexity of design which has to be created and second is the very nature of precious metals which can either be very soft or brittle. Above both, there is the fact that waste of material is simply not an option. Jewelry making was among the first sectors of consumer facing industry to adopt wire cut EDM technology. 
  • Watch making: While a lot of young people have started to move to smart watches, the older generations which still have a lot of disposable income tend to use traditional mechanical and quartz watches. The sheer complexity of watch making is such that there is always a need for increasingly high precision tech. Wire EDM, when coupled with 3D metrology, makes it possible to manufacture intricate watches with many complications and exquisite looks. 
  • Sporting equipment: Not many people may realize this but most of the sports equipment is manufactured to very high precision. The biggest example of this are golf clubs. The club face of even mid range clubs has to be made to micrometer precision whereas competition grade clubs are made to nanometer precision. This is because even slight aberration can turn an eagle into a birdie or much worse. Similarly competitive cycling is another sport where wire EDM tech is being used to make bicycle parts as aerodynamic and as light as possible. 

Business Facing Industries

  • Computing equipment: Surely you must have heard of the latest microprocessors which are manufactured with nanometer scale tech. While those are the absolute cutting edge tech, almost all parts used in modern computing equipment are made using high precision tech. Thanks to 3D metrology, it is now possible to make computer parts with very precise measurement in all dimensions to achieve the best possible data throughput. 
  • Automotive equipment: With the turn of the century, the need for more and more fuel efficient vehicles has gone up everywhere.Fuel efficiency not only means that a vehicle should not be a gas guzzler but also that it is possible to extract as much energy as possible from whatever fuel is used. Then there is the vehicle safety aspect. Systems like anti-lock brakes and electronic brakeforce distribution as well as traction control are now mandatory in almost all geographies. Wire cut EDM as an underlying tech has contributed a lot to make it possible for vehicle manufacturers to deliver such complex automotive systems in large numbers and with very high degree of reliability. 
  • Tools and Die making: Casting and forging still remains the bedrock of all manufacturing and thanks to EDM tech, modern tools are much more precise and extremely durable.