With their stunning four single releases – “Take Me with You”“Untethered Soul”“Watching the Thinker”, and “Teach Me how to Speak” – this band’s interactive experimental performance ensemble is announcing their highly-anticipated debut singles.

Community Shoe Band – Embark on a Revolutionary Audio/Visual Journey: An Innovative Performance Blending Music, Animation, and Storytelling.

Community Shoe is a band from Cleveland, Ohio. The group’s sound showcases its affinity for innovation as these musicians set out to craft a one-of-a-kind blend of indie-folk, fusion, and progressive elements.

Community Shoe’s formula effortlessly merges technical virtuosity with the organic warmth of acoustic instruments and the sophistication of jazz. Yet, hidden within the intricacies of the songs, there lies a raw, emotional core that recalls the immediacy of seminal indie acts such as Broken Social Scene and Bombay Bicycle Club, to name but a few. Still, there isn’t any other band that’s quite in the same ball park as what Community Shoe set out to accomplish with their kaleidoscopic tone.

Community Shoe thrives on breaking the mold and defying conventions, as noted in their most recent releases. These include “Watching the Thinker,” “Take Me with You” (with the enchanting B-side “Untethered Soul“), and the thought-provoking “Teach Me How To Speak.” These songs portray the intimacy of modern indie folk while elevating it with a distinctive twist in terms of song arrangements. Their music resonates with heartfelt emotion yet surprises listeners with beautiful guitar patterns, percussive elements, and left-field ideas that set Community Shoe apart. Moreover, the project actually defines itself as a “Multi-Media Performance Ensemble.” Transcending the usual definition of a band allows them to embrace a much broader artistic canvas, allowing them to seamlessly open up to different ideas and creative endeavors.

This music is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Sam Prekop, Grizzly Bear, Nickel Creek, and more.

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