Apple introduced MagSafe, promising fast and convenient wireless charging that was a better alternative to Qi charging systems. Here is all you want to know about MagSafe.

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What is a MagSafe Charger?

MagSafe is a wireless charging technology that Apple debuted with the iPhone 12, and it’s directly compatible with the iPhone series and subsequent iPhone models. It is a form of induction charging that can deliver fast 15-watt charging, about twice that of phones with traditional Qi wireless charging.

A new user who doesn’t know what is MagSafe charging getting confused about buying. However, the charger uses inductive charging – coils on both the charger and phone line up and transfer electrical energy wirelessly over very short distances. But MagSafe uses a sequence of magnets to exactly align the coils, permitting them to faultlessly match each time and charge at a higher wattage than other wireless charging tech.

The magnets have other requests as well – you can effortlessly affix MagSafe fittings to your iPhone, such as cases and wallets, which stay inflexibly devoted to the phone via the MagSafe magnets

How Does A Magsafe Charger Work?

After knowing what is a MagSafe charger? We know how they work. Thanks to the sequence of Magnets around the charging coil in the back of your iPhone, MagSafe fixtures like chargers mechanically snap into flawless arrangement, so the system works mechanically.

Apple intended the MagSafe charger standard so that only specialized MagSafe chargers and accessories will attractively ascribe to the MagSafe surface on the back of an iPhone, so other kinds of magnetic gadgets won’t get involved to or wedged to your phone.

While the MagSafe charger is able to charge recent iPhones starting with the iPhone 8, it is only optimized for models that feature the magnetic charging coil on the back of the phone, which contain the iPhone 12 and later models.

What’s The Difference between Wireless Charging and Magsafe?

What is MagSafe charging also includes how they are different from other wireless charging.  Wireless charging using the Qi standard built into iPhones, Android, and other devices has been around for years. Although convenient, it’s highly inefficient. There is no technique to know how well you have allied the phone and charger, but you only get the extreme charging speed when they are seamlessly aligned- even slightly off and you will change at a portion of the top speed.

MagSafe resolves that difficult by safeguarding the phone and charger flawlessly align, BY the variety of magnets that border the claiming coil. MagSafe iPhones can immobile be charged with ordinary Qi chargers, though they achieve well with a MagSafe charger.

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