Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta and is a favorite place to visit for a large number of people. A huge rush of people from different parts of the world can be witnessed in this city. A good population of international students can also be seen in this city. In fact, Edmonton is a center for culture, government, and education.

There are some publically funded institutions for education in Edmonton, which include the Concordia University of Edmonton, King’s University, MacEwan University, the University of Alberta, NorQuest College, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). These institutions provide quality education to native and international students.

Therefore, some brilliant places for student accommodation have been provided in this city. Gone are the days when it was difficult to find a place for accommodation by students. Now, you can find student accommodation Edmonton or any other city in the world in a few simple steps.

All you have to do is to know the right platforms on which you can search for a place to stay. Needless to mention, online platforms are the best ones in this regard. But, the question here is which online platforms. There are different types of platforms available on the internet also.

Online student accommodation service platforms can be the best ones. These platforms provide an easy method to find student accommodation. By following the procedures of the service platforms, you can find your dream accommodation easily.

Here, you will know the complete procedure to find student housing in Edmonton easily.

Complete Guide to Find Student Accommodation in Edmonton

Visit an Accommodation Service Platform Website and Search for “Edmonton”

Quite obviously, the first step you need to follow is to visit an accommodation service platform website. There, you will find a search box where you are required to enter the city’s name where you want a place to stay. In this case, you are required to enter “Edmonton”. By doing this, you will reach a page where you will see the list of some student properties available in Edmonton.

Visit the Pages of the Properties

Every accommodation service platform website may have different procedures after the previous step. Here, the procedure is being given according to a popular online accommodation service platform named “University Living” accepting it as a standard.

So, in the next step, you are required to visit the pages of the properties. You will find a dedicated page for each property listed on the website. These pages will help you in knowing about the properties in a better way.

On the webpages of the properties, you will read details about them. The amenities available on the properties for students can be known through these pages. Besides, you can also know about the distances of the properties from different universities and colleges in Edmonton. The other thing you can know is the accommodations available and their types. You can also know about the facilities available in the accommodations.

The most important thing you know on a service platform is the price. Rents of all the accommodation units along with their stay durations can also be read there.

Compare Different Properties

The procedure doesn’t end with the previous step. You can also find a special comparison feature on online platforms like University Living. This feature allows you to compare different properties on a single webpage. It is not easy to remember the detail of one property while seeing the other ones. You may forget some of the details of the previously seen page when you start seeing the new one. So, it may be difficult to compare the properties by visiting different pages.

But, the comparison feature provides you the best solution to this problem. You are required to select the properties, which you want to compare. You can do this on University Living’s website by clicking/tapping the “add to compare” option given on the image of each property on the city’s page.

You can select maximum of four properties to compare. After selecting, you need to click the “+” sign in the bottom right corner above the messaging option. You will find a “Compare List” in a separate box after that. By clicking “compare” below the list, you will find a dropdown list of universities and colleges in Edmonton, in which you are required to select one university/college in order to compare the distance of your university/college from different properties.

After selecting your institution, you will find the details of all your selected properties in a tabular format. You will be able to compare prices, amenities, distance from the university, etc.

Final Thoughts

In addition to all this, you can filter the properties also according to the amenities by clicking the “Filter by” option above the properties’ list. By doing this, you will be able to select amenities, price range, stay duration, etc. and you will see the properties first that fulfill your criteria.

After taking the decision about which property you want to book, you need to go to the property’s page again and follow the booking procedure.