It is satisfying to grow cannabis. Once you get the hang of it, growing cannabis at home could also let you avoid frequent trips to the dispensary while still allowing you to enjoy the completed product. Although lucrative, it may also be intimidating, especially for new home growers. We can help you, thank goodness. Whether you have a little indoor space or a sizable outdoor plot, our growing guide will help you cultivate cannabis from Humboldt Pound Cake seeds.


The growth of a cannabis plant begins with the germination phase. To assist your plant’s seeds get through this stage, mist two to four sheets of paper towels (kitchen towels) with water until they are damp but not wet. After that, put a seed between two damp paper towels on a plate and watch for a taproot to develop. Keep the room’s temperature between 70- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit.

Seedling Stage

The seedling stage follows the germination stage. Put the seed with poor germination in a small soil pot or other suitable growth area. At the seedling stage, the stalk sprouts two leaves that spread outward to collect sunlight.

Little cannabis plants start to sprout at this phase. Seedlings must be kept at 77 °F with a 60% relative humidity. Cannabis prefers an 18-hour white light cycle daily once the leaves have developed. Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer right now.

Vegetation Stage

Your seedling must now be transferred to a larger container. The root system of a seedling will have outgrown its present container by the time it is ready to be transplanted.

Flowering Stage

When the vegetative plant is fully grown, prepared to start generating buds, and you can start to see the trichomes, that is when it enters the blooming stage.


You must slice and dry your plant after it has reached full maturity. To start, you need to know when to trim the plant. When between 70 and 90 percent of the pistils have gone brown, some experts suggest pruning the plants.


Your cannabis plants should be allowed to air dry for 7 to 14 days away from direct sunshine in a dry location. Your cannabis plant is ready to be sliced into smaller buds for jarring when the stem bends and breaks. It’s an important step since a thorough drying process will protect your cannabis against mold or mildew formation.


Although not at its best, dried, trimmed, and chopped cannabis is beneficial. Cannabis has to be stored in an airtight mason jar. The cannabis will then be kept there for two to one month to “cure,” the jar is opened once a day to allow for airflow. It will force the chlorophyll and carbohydrates in the bud to disintegrate, giving you a far more tasty product with a noticeable effect.


Keeping the freshness of your crop requires careful storage of your cannabis plants. Dark, cold, and sealed containers make for the best storage environments. To preserve the potency and freshness of your cannabis, avoid overexposing it to light, heat, or moisture.


You must follow these steps to grow cannabis from Humboldt Pound Cake seeds. After the selection of your seeds and up to harvest, you will care for the cannabis plant through each growth stage.