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Diamond District NYC stores

Proposing to the love of your life and declaring your love to her is not so easy. This is because there is so much to think of. From the proposal destination to the engagement ring. There are multiple things that need to be organized and should be in place so that it can be the most special occasion of your life. 


The first and foremost thing that needs to be figured out is the type of ring you are looking for and where to buy engagement rings in NYC. Choosing the perfect design among an innumerable number of rings can be tiresome. So here is an engagement ring setting suggestion that might be the one you are looking for. If your girl is someone who has a style that is trendy yet sleek then knife-edge engagement rings are a suitable option for you. 


What Are Knife Edge, Engagement Rings?

It is a ring that features sharp edges projecting outwards from the center of the band creating an arch on each side. It is the kind of setting that allows more light to reflect off the metal enhancing the ornament’s overall shine. It will give your girl a distinct look and make her stand out from the crowd. 


Since you now have some primitive knowledge about these New York diamonds rings you might want to know further about them, so here is the 


History Of Knife-Edge Engagement Rings

In 1886 Tiffany & Co. innovated the knife-edge ring that revolutionized the overall style and appearance of engagement rings. It was an iconic design introduced in the jewelry industry that elevates the luster of both diamond and metal. There was a time before knife-edge engagement rings existed when engagement rings were bulkier, had wider bands, had multiple stones, and sometimes even did not contain diamonds. By employing a thin band and a raised diamond, these rings introduced modern simplicity.


In light of the fact that you know the tale of how this set came into existence, you might be interested in knowing whether it holds some kind of symbolism or not. So here’s,


Knife Edge Engagement Rings & Their Symbolism

Similar to almost all rings and their designs, knife-edge engagement rings also have a symbolic meaning. With sharp, clean lines, the ring symbolizes strength, stability, and endurance. The raised ridge at the center denotes the challenges and obstacles couples face in their relationships. A couple’s ability to cut through adversity and come out stronger together. 


The symbolism of this ring makes it the best choice for you to opt for as your engagement ring. You can buy this setting or customize it at the best Diamond District NYC stores. Having so much knowledge about this ring calls for you to know of one last thing that is 


How To Care For Knife-Edge Engagement Rings?

Just like any other engagement ring, knife-edge engagement rings require an equal amount of care. Whenever you wear this piece of jewelry, you should avoid impacting it against rough surfaces, gripping it with force, or applying strong pressure to the hand or jewelry. 

To clean it you can use a little warm water and regular dish wash soap. Another option is that you can take the piece of jewelry to a local jeweler and get it cleaned professionally. 


This is all you need to know about these engagement rings. It has a classic and contemporary feel, making it a great choice for couples who want a ring that combines the best of both worlds. 


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