Breakout from the traditional classroom and engage yourself into the world of education technology which gives a great learning experience for the students. Audio visual classroom  is a classroom-wide approach that uses audio, movies, photos, and videos to teach various subjects. Students watch the AV in order to learn about a specific subject or topic. Contrast this to the traditional classroom where students are sitting in rows of desks and teachers lecture from the front of the room. The benefits of this education are higher engagement rates and more attentiveness during class periods.

Let’s check what are the different types of smart classrooms —

  1. Student-led Smart Classroom —  One-to-one personal devices are used in student-led smart courses, giving each student 24/7 access to educational technology. In a student-led smart classroom, students take charge of the learning by discovering and researching subjects on their own. These integrated venues will be equipped with entire classroom edtech equipment, such as virtual reality goggles, tablets, and computers.

  1. Intermediate Smart Classroom — All of the educational technology from a standard smart class is typically included in intermediate smart classrooms, along with additional tools like laptops, virtual reality headsets, and digital podiums. Since there won’t be enough space for devices in this kind of modern classroom, the technology will be shared by all of the students, making these classes well-suited for both teacher-led and independent learning.

  1. Standard Smart Classroom — A computer, interactive whiteboard, and projector are typically found in standard smart classrooms, which are teacher-led learning environments. Teachers still teach in front of the class, as they would in a traditional setting, but smart technology give students greater chances to connect with the material, the teacher, and one another.

Benefits of using Audio Visual in classrooms

Audio visual (AV) technology has become an important tool for teaching and learning. Here are some benefits of using AV in classrooms:

  1. Enhances communication and collaboration.

When students can see and hear each other, they are more likely to communicate effectively. AV helps students share information more easily, make connections, and build teamwork skills.

  1. Provides a better understanding of the material.

By creating a audio visual classroom, teachers can provide students with a richer and more meaningful educational experience than traditional instruction alone can provide. Students can see the same information differently, which can help them better understand the material.

  1. Encourages critical thinking and creativity.

Students who use AV in class are more likely to be able to think critically and creatively about the material they’re studying. They will also be able to develop new ideas by exploring different perspectives and interpretations of the same information.

  1. Promotes better attention spans.

Since students can engage with AV material in a variety of ways, they are likely to stay focused and engaged in class. This can help to improve their overall attention span and comprehension skills.

  1. Enhances learning outcomes.

Using AV in the classroom can have a positive impact on student learning outcomes, including:

  • Increased comprehension of the material
  • Better retention of information
  • Increased ability to think critically and creatively about material
  • Greater ability to communicate effectively


An av education in classroom can be extremely useful, allowing students to access information from a variety of different sources. By incorporating AV into class sessions, teachers can make learning more engaging and fun for their students. Additionally, by using AV to supplement classroom lectures and presentations, educators can improve the overall quality of their educational material. So whether you’re looking for ways to make your teaching more effective or just want to add some extra excitement to your classes, consider incorporating audio visual into your lessons. Today, Sigma AVIT provides audio visual consultancy ,making it easy to manage your communication needs. To know more details, contact us