Losing someone you care about is particularly sad and challenging. In this time of loss, having to deal with legal issues, such as probate and administration matters, can make an already stressful situation much more difficult.

To help with the situation, we spoke with probate attorneys about their fees and compiled the information into a helpful 28-page booklet. The guide on the breakdown of probate lawyer fees Singapore is excerpted in this article.

Probate Fees in Singapore

How much does non-contentious probate cost?

In Singapore, a straightforward, non-contentious probate proceeding can cost anything from S$2,000 and S$6,500 in probate fees, depending on how a lawyer determines his rates and how long it takes to finish the task.

The cost of complex cases will also increase if several assets or beneficiaries, foreign parties are involved, or assets are located abroad.

Because lawyers must put in more time and effort, LOA applications frequently cost more than GOP applications.

Among these services are:

  • Aiding in the distribution of assets on behalf of the personal representative. Further paperwork may be required, such as a letter advising each beneficiary of their benefits eligibility. This can cost an extra $1,000 or more in Singapore.
  • Dealing with issues that arise during the probate procedure, like the passing of a beneficiary or the inability to find specific documents.

Specifically for LOA applications, an attorney may bill you probate lawyer fees Singapore for the following services:

  • Request for guarantors to be waived. You have the option to waive the need for additional guarantors. This can cost an extra $500 or more in Singapore.
  • Appointing deputies as the court specifies. This could add another S$4,000 or more to the price.

How much does disputed probate cost?

Disputed probate cases can cost anything between $10,000 and $40,000. The matter may even move higher if it is exceptionally lengthy or complicated. This is due to the fact that civil litigation rates are based on contentious probate, which is a type of lawsuit.

Legal costs for civil disputes are typically assessed on an hourly basis that individual companies set. Elements, including the firm’s size, the legal firm’s experience, and the attorney’s seniority, will influence this fee.
Yet, some businesses impose a set fee for every step of litigation.

How will lawyers charge you for work on will writing in Singapore?

Various legal companies and attorneys use various billing procedures. Some businesses could demand the entire sum upfront.

As an alternative, some law offices might only demand a down payment. Some businesses might also agree on a payment schedule based on your resources.

The sum of the down payment will differ between law firms. It may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 or more.

The remaining fees may be assessed regularly or at significant junctures, such as upon submitting the LOR application or extracting the LOR.

It’s possible to charge disbursements separately. They are typically paid based on important milestones as well.

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