An escape room Mississauga is a unique activity where friends and family may have fun and work together to solve problems. There are countless methods to create and decorate the space to make the game entertaining and guarantee each player has a good time.

Establishing an Outline

Choose a room in your house where the game will take place. Choose a space allowing everyone to move about easily while collaborating and searching for clues. Make sure your hints and props will fit as well.

Use two or more adjacent rooms, and as players advance through the game, have they “unlocked” the doors between them to lengthen and complicate the game.

To enhance the story, pick a captivating atmosphere for the room. Selecting a beautiful location will assist you in creating themed tasks. Also, it will be simpler for the escape room Mississauga to feel like an entire experience.

  •       Choose a future when there are countless alternatives if you want even more power over the environment!

Developing a Storyline

Create a plot that complements the topic and the location. A plot will assist in guaranteeing that the escape room has a goal. For example, your players might need to leave the area to bomb.” Whatever the plot, make sure the audience can readily understand it.

Divide the plot into manageable segments. Whether your main plot is straightforward or intricate, you want to make sure that each component will be manageable. Try writing one sentence for each section to avoid making the tale too complex.

Create a flowchart outlining the plot. Outline what the participants will do at each stage of the story using sticky notes, a poster, or a PowerPoint presentation. On different post-its, write your one-sentence descriptions. Arrange them so you can see them.

Verify again that each section of the story leads into the next. Please ensure instructions or extra clues are left once the players have solved each problem so they can find the next part of the story.

Provide hints and information within the box that will direct the gamers to the following challenge and problem if they can successfully unlock a box. Remember the story’s arc, which connects the opening, middle, climax, and ending.

Creating the Obstacles

Consider the difficulties the readers will face throughout the narrative. Challenges are elements of the narrative that visitors discover along the route. Limit the number of tasks to 3 or 4 if your visitors are new to escape rooms. Consider adding five or more problems if they prefer a more challenging escape room.

  •       Determining who the first to contract the disease was, what the zombies can be cured of, and where to find the treatment could be challenges for a zombie escape room.
  •       You may ask the players to decide the year they are in, how they got there, and how to get back to the present if your game has a future theme.

If you have a big group, simultaneously set up several or many challenges. If you’re designing an escape room Mississauga  for a group of individuals larger than six, consider splitting them into two teams or including puzzles that can be solved concurrently. Everyone who takes part will be entertained in this way.

Choose a reward for the players if they escape the room. Choose a reward that will encourage the players to complete the escape room Mississauga. Tell them what they will receive if they complete the escape room before they begin!

  •       Take a team photo with costumes and props and offer the team real or digital photos as a low-cost alternative.
  •       You might award the gamers with cash or gift cards if the gamers are older.


Escape Games Canada are a great way to encourage teamwork and problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive environment. So if you are looking for a unique and exciting birthday party idea to make your kids feel like they are part of a real adventure, then an escape room is perfect! At Mississauga Escape Rooms, we offer a variety of escape room themes to choose from to ensure you find the perfect fit for your child.