Google’s Flutter offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, developers, and companies to create visually stunning cross-platform applications. This fast-growing app development SDK surpasses other hybrid app development frameworks by allowing high-performance applications to be built from a single codebase.

Using Flutter means you are not just limited to mobile apps; it can also be used to develop desktop and web applications. Remarkably, it allows developers to create applications for multiple platforms using a single codebase.

Flutter’s popularity continues to soar with each new major release, The release of Flutter 2 in March 2021 marked a milestone with over 150,000 Flutter-based apps available on the Play Store alone. As of May 2023, there are now over 1 million Flutter-based apps.

It’s impressive to see how Flutter has evolved over time with notable improvements to the software development kit. To get it better, let’s take a closer look at its key milestones.

But you may have a question: how much will this developer (a Flutter developer) cost when you hire one? Well, the cost to hire Flutter app developers can range widely, with rates varying based on experience, location, project complexity, and other factors.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $150 or more per hour for a Flutter developer.

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Factors That Impact the Cost of Hiring Flutter Developers

  1.  Experience Level:

Most often, the cost of the developers is influenced by their level of expertise. It’s a known fact that seasoned Flutter developers tend to finish projects at a quicker pace than those who are just starting out.

Having said that, Flutter is a relatively young technology, which means that there is a limit to the number of years of experience that Flutter developers can have. They may have previously worked as a mobile app developer for up to 10 years, but their actual hands-on experience with Flutter may not be that high.

Moreover, here’s a rough calculation of what you can expect to pay for different levels of expertise:

  • Junior Flutter Developer: Junior developers typically have 0–2 years of experience and may charge lower rates, ranging from $15 to $40 per hour.
  • Mid-Level Flutter Developer: Mid-level developers with 2–5 years of experience may charge rates between $40 and $80 per hour.
  • Senior Flutter Developer: Senior developers with more than 5 years of experience often command higher rates, ranging from $80 to $150 or more per hour.
  1. Engagement Model:

The cost of hiring Flutter app developers is heavily influenced by the engagement model you select, and each one comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To ensure that you make the right choice for your project, it’s important to first consider your end goals before making a decision.

By doing so, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of your chosen engagement model.

  • Part-Time Hiring Model:

The part-time hiring model offers a cost-effective solution. Hire dedicated Flutter app developers for a few hours a month and have complete control over their schedule while they work on your project.

  • Hourly Hiring:

Developers work on your project as instructed, and billing is done based on the actual hours worked.

  • Outsourcing Development Team:

For larger, long-term projects, outsourcing a dedicated app development team is a successful trend. Your team can consist of project managers, designers, Flutter developers, testers, and other resources based on your requirements.

  1. Location:

Where you hire your Flutter developers can impact your costs. So, if you’re hiring one, you can expect to pay around USD 43,000 per year—at least, according to Glassdoor’s data on salaries across the globe.

That figure applies to everyone from juniors to senior developers in the UK, US, Germany, Canada, Australia, and beyond.

But if your budget is less than that, it might be worth exploring Asian countries. You can hire remote developers from this place, as opportunities within India, for example, can be as low as USD 20,000 per year.

Hourly rate to hire Flutter developers in different countries:

  • India: $20–40/hour
  • Latin America: $50/hour
  • Ukraine: $25-$50/hour
  • North America: $150-$200/hour
  • Western Europe: $50-$100/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25-$50/hour
  • Australia: $100-$150/hour
  • Africa: $40/hour
  1. Project Complexity:

The complexity of your Flutter project can impact costs. Sounds obvious, right? But it is one of the important factors to consider. You can note that, in general, basic app development with standard features will cost less than complex applications with custom features, integrations, and advanced functionality. Thus, the effort required to build a complex Flutter application will be higher, and the cost will be higher.

  1. Project Longevity

The duration of your project can influence the rate charged by Flutter developers. If you’re building a static app that doesn’t require an internet connection or database connectivity, it won’t demand much time or performance monitoring. As a result, developers may charge their average rate for such apps.

However, if you’re building an app that needs frequent updates, performance enhancements, and post-development maintenance, Flutter developers are likely to charge average to high rates. Plus, as the project complexity increases, they may gradually increase their fees.

So, these are the factors that affect the hourly rates of Flutter developers. To mitigate the impact of these factors and save money, just keep moving forward!

  1. Hidden Costs:
  • Benefits: If you hire a full-time Flutter developer, you may need to provide benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, and other perks.
  • Recruitment Costs: Onboarding a new employee requires some sort of investment of your money in things like job postings, interviews, recruitment tests, and so on.
  • Equipment and Tools: You have to provide the necessary software and hardware to your employees whenever needed; this includes laptops, desktops, and other devices. This will also influence the cost of hiring Flutter developers.
  • Ongoing Support: As technology keeps evolving, it’s good that your Flutter developers are always up-to-date. And for that, you need a budget for continuous learning and skill development.
  • Project Management: If you require project management, this will add to the overall cost.
  • Additional Features and Integrations: The cost of hiring a Flutter programmer may rise if you’re incorporating third-party APIs or additional features into your app.

Closing Words!

Though we have covered many aspects of the cost of hiring Flutter app developers, keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate. The actual price can be different from this range.

So, before signing a proposal with a Flutter developer, discuss everything in detail, whether it is the price for the wireframing section or just the ongoing support.