Get the axie infinity clone script from Hivelance, a well-known NFT gaming development company. We can assist you in creating your Axie Infinity clone software quickly and according to the requirements of your company.

Axie Infinity, a blockchain P2E game, will stand out in 2021. As a source of support for participants, the game has actually gained some popularity in nations like the Philippines and Vietnam.


What is Axie Infinity Clone Script ?

The popular NFT game Axie infinity has a clone script that is comparable to it and incorporates all of its features and functionalities. Similar to Axie infinity, this application enables users to engage in combat, gather items, breed pets, and construct entire kingdoms for them. You can entirely customise it so that the nft gaming platform meets your specific business needs.


How to Create an NFT Gaming Platform like to Axie Infinity?

An Axie Infinity Clone Script is a piece of white-labeled script that may be used to construct a game that is identical to Axie Infinity quickly. The code is customizable and decreases the game’s entire development time to 7–10 days. Consequently, a competitive game can be made available on the market with a few modest modifications.

Axie Infinity Clone Script, a digital pet universe-based game, is available for users to purchase and participate in a war-based game. Modern blockchain technology was used to create the Axie Infinity Clone Script, which has capabilities and an easy to use interface.


The Axie Infinity Clone Script is a big game with a lot of characters and frequent modifications that make it simpler for users to use. Each character can be purchased by users for a large sum of ETH.


How does Axie Infinity like the NFT gaming platform work?

The clone script will include several features for both administrators and gamers.

Admin Features:

  • CRM and CMS that are safe
  • Dashboard Individualization
  • Player Administration
  • Managing the affiliate program
  • Real-time data management is accessible.


Player Features:-

  • Authentic gaming experience
  • the inclusion of a wallet
  • User protection
  • Allocation of rewards
  • unequivocal openness


We can assist you to build a game that is similar to Axie Infinity on more scalable blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. This ensures that managing gas prices won’t require a side-chain like Ronin. Due to our knowledge and adaptability, the development of our Axie Infinity clone script is of the highest calibre.


Where can I find the finest Axie infinity clone script?

As there are numerous NFT game production businesses out there, you can get well-known NFT game clone scripts like axie infinity, zed run, and more. Finding the top nft game development business among the competition is a difficult challenge, though. Concerning that, there is no necessity. I’ll make the best recommendation.


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