Crime and Traffic Defense Lawyer in Charlottesville

In the wider Charlottesville, Virginia area, my practice focuses on traffic and criminal defence. I represent clients who have been accused of a range of serious crimes, traffic infractions, and violations, such as DUI, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, driving after licence suspension, and other criminal charges.

Nearly every day, I appear in court in the central Virginia region on behalf of clients accused of DUI, reckless driving, and other offences like assault, larceny or shoplifting, hit-and-run, criminal possession of a weapon, evading, and drug-related offences. I am familiar with how Charlottesville area judges handle matters of this nature and will be able to provide.


I defend clients who are facing DUI charges. The penalty for a conviction can range significantly depending on a number of various criteria under Virginia’s complicated DUI statutes. I offer all potential clients complimentary consultations.

Unsafe Driving

I frequently represent clients who have received a summons for reckless driving as part of my traffic defence practice. Many customers are not aware of what reckless driving may get you in Virginia. if you have been accused of reckless driving in the central Virginia region to discuss your case.

Criminal Protection

I also represent clients who have been accused with larceny-related crimes, drug offences, assault & violence, and crimes involving a handgun.

What types of traffic violations are there in Virginia?

In Virginia, there are many different traffic violations, and each one has a different level of penalty. These offences may be regarded as serious crimes, straightforward misdemeanours, or even insignificant infractions. The most frequent traffic infractions, according to the Traffic Lawyer Charlotte Virginia are speeding, drunk driving, or reckless driving. Most drivers who go over the speed limit get pulled over for a traffic infraction. Simple infractions like failing to drive on the correct side of the road are violations. Also, failing to drive in the lane designated for commercial vehicles might result in a fine for a commercial driver. A ticket may be issued for breaking the one-way rule on a roadway. Speeding through a designated area while driving a vehicle.

When should I consult a Charlotte, Virginia, traffic attorney?

The majority of motorists facing charges for traffic violations are unsure about hiring a Traffic Lawyer Charlotte, VA. One of the first questions prospective clients ask is “Is seeking legal counsel from a lawyer in Charlotte, Virginia, required for each traffic charge?” The response will depend on the facts of your case and the nature of the charge.. There is no set procedure for hiring a Charlotte, Virginia lawyer. Each case is different in its facts and circumstances. Even though some situations could be straightforward, others have intricate legal concerns. Consultation with a Traffic Lawyer Charlotte, VA is essential if your traffic offence is complicated. You can better comprehend all the difficulties in your case by enlisting the services of a traffic lawyer in Charlotte, Virginia. Our Charlotte traffic attorney.

Our traffic attorney in Charlotte, Virginia, has experience handling these situations and can offer complete solutions that will enable you to confidently participate in the procedures. You are guided through each challenging phase of the case by our Charlotte, Virginia, traffic attorney.

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