Hospital costs are increasing, and there are a few major trends in hospitals today. We predict that in 2023, 75% of all hospitals will offer some sort of high-tech treatment such as robotics or virtual reality. By 2023, the market for hospitals will experience a massive shift. More than 50% of hospitals will be owned by other healthcare providers. The industry as a whole will need to find ways to stay competitive in this changing world.

The hospital industry is trending towards electronic health records and a patient-centric approach. There is evidence that patients prefer online health information, which hospitals are quickly evolving towards. Hospitals need to focus on being sales-driven, including high-touch patient experience. This article gives a breakdown of the physician shortages and what challenges this will create for hospitals in the next 10 years. Hospital industry has become a strong number of the healthcare system in the country. Healthcare services are expected to grow by 3.2% from 2022 to 2023, which is faster than the market growth rate. The current payments methods for healthcare services is dominated by a few large players who control payment methods. Solutions for possible payment methods should be provided to consumers in order to increase the number of providers and maximize the patient experience