Zara Shahjahan recently started her journey in Pakistan’s fashion industry. But has soon become a favourite among the people. Her vintage style and designs have captivated the viewer’s eyes. People love the concept of utilising old styles in trendy and new ways. She breathed a new style in the clothing industry, giving a new sense of fashion. Repetitiveness was becoming a norm and people were getting fed up. But the simplicity and minimalist vintage style become people’s favourite. Zara shahjahan’s collection is loved and has become one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan. She releases multiple collections in a year depending on the season or an occasion. You can find her collections online on her website or at other retail stores. Raja sahib is one of the largest marketplace where you can find all collections of Zara Shahjahan and other brands.

Zara Shahjahan Clothing Designs in Unstitched Collection

Zara Shahjahan’s style has simplicity and minimalism. With plain dresses you will see subtle and light embroidery which really encapsulates the eyes. Where most of the brands were going with heavy embroidery and styles, Zara went totally opposite and this made her work stand out. You will find unstitched and ready to wear collections by the brand. She knows which style will go better with which color contrast. The sublime intricate details in the embroidered work makes her collections and dresses beautiful. From casual to formal and even bridal, zara shahjahan has it all in the clothing department. But the brand has also stepped into the accessories category and you can find jewellery and footwear as well.

Zara Shahjahan New Collection

The new collections are released with the seasonal changes. This also changes the fabric that is used as the seasonal changes affect the use of multiple things. In winters the fabrics used are warm which mostly are khaddar, jacquard, velvet, wool and others. Whereas in summer the lawn is the main fabric which can be intermixed with cotton or other light fabric sometimes. Another thing which takes a turn in the clothing industry are the hues. In summer light pastel shades are prominent as they give summer vibes. But in winters, dark earthy tones takeover.

For the COCO unstitched collection, zara shahjahan used jacquard and khaddar as the main fabric. And as for the color palettes, it was mainly dark with contrast of light colors through embroidery or dupatta. Instead of dupattas they have used shawls. Shawls are a perfect replacement for dupattas as they keep you warm and are also stylish. Shawls can be in a printed form or have embroidered work on it. Plain velvet shawls or Pashmina shawls are also quite popular in Pakistan.

Zara Shahjahan Winter Clothes | Ready To Wear Collectionzara-shahjahan-clothing

Ready to wear collection ‘Winter Basics’ released by Zara is simple yet eye-catching. The plain dresses with minimal embroidered work and designs look sublime. The feminine touch makes this collection standout through the color palette chosen. The two-piece stitched collection has your winter days fully covered. You can wear these dresses in your everyday life and really stand out among your peers.

Wedding ready to wear dresses are also available with intricate and sophisticated work. Each style is different but has the cultural ethnic design. From lehenga to gharara to frock and so much more, the wedding pret collection is a must buy. If you are thinking of attending your friends or a loved ones wedding then you must check this collection out. The color contrast such as off white with yellow and the tie dye work makes this collection stand out.