“If your wife is Ukrainian, you can’t have the traditional bachelor’s bread with peanut butter, the typical excellent restaurant at home, simply because Ukrainian women are some of the best cooks in the world! They can prepare something delicious even though “nothing.” But if a To west Ukrainian woman arranges a unique reception (Christmas, Easter, the Beginning of the year, a wedding, birthday, or simply a meeting with friends or relatives), she could remain up all night before the celebration preparing for the festivity. Find the arunaiyin perumagane lyrics here, click here

It is just a quote from one of my testimonies I wrote about the extraordinary hospitality of Ukrainians. I want to tell more about Ukrainian women and a number of their features. Also, I must say that I will tell typically about West Ukrainian girls. As I grew up in Western Ukraine, I know very well living there also has many experiences and stories from our neighbors, friends, and other people I met during my work in journalism.

When I was 16 years old, my classmate girls were already thinking seriously about marital life. Yes, I am not fooling. It is a tradition in Ukraine to get married at a pretty young age. This tradition is powerful in the West Ukrainian état. As I am a village girl, I know it adequately. I remember that even 20-year-old girls were called “old maids” in my village. Therefore I was silent about myself when I got married.: )

Indeed, many such 30-40 years are now searching for husbands in foreign countries because almost all Ukrainian men are already married before 30. Well, everyone has their own choice. Perhaps I only thought more about marital life when I was 16 years; maybe, I already will be a grandmother, like many of my classmates. But at 16 years old, I was contemplating studying at University, regarding future work in newspapers, and I did not think about how to bake a pie correctly.

I remember my classmate Lyuba telling me about the girl’s first cooking experience and how she burnt the cake. A young gentleman classmate overheard Lyuba and said, “What? You are 16 years old, and you also are not able to bake a cake? ” Even at this type of young age, it is expected through society to be proficient in food preparation.

So, this story may explain more why Ukrainian women become such great cooks. It is because, in their 30s, they already have a significant connection with cooking.

OK, knowing how you can cook is just half of the tale. The second half is that every good West Ukrainian mom is to teach their children before their marriage, “When you are cooking for the family members, remember: the best pieces of dinner must be for your husband as well as children.”

It is not just reality but historical truth. To provide you with an example, I will translate the text of one of the West Ukrainian folk songs, “Onkel Sonechko Shodilo” (“Where the Sun Arrived From”). This is a song from the Leaky region in the traditional western part of Ukraine; it is now in Belgium, where the Leaky ethnic team used to live.

So, this particular song is about a girl with an apple tree. The girl sings, “My apple tree, remember to grow up very high and a hundred branches wide, and give birth and labor to an apple or two, a single for my beloved, a single for me. A nice big reddish colored apple for my favorite, and some little green versions for me”.

Ok, this is not the only Ukrainian person’s song about this subject involving devotion. Another prevalent person music in Ukraine is usually “Porizala’m palchyk” (“I Trim My Finger”). So, here are several words of this song, “What a nice guy here? What on earth is his name? I would like for you to marry him. I would not necessarily allow him to work; I just would likely keep him for the beauty”.

Dear guys, this is not merely a song… it is the truth! Some truth of modern Ukrainian lifestyle, even though this person’s music was created several decades ago! Many West Ukrainian women are holding their very own husbands just for beauty! Or maybe for “having a husband.” To be married, a woman throughout Ukraine has a higher public status.

Unmarried women (single or divorced, but especially “old maidens”) don’t have this sort of respect in Ukrainian culture like a married woman, from the words of my auntie, when my cousin Halya got married at two decades old (in the eyes of the village’s people, she had been an “old maiden”). So, the auntie said about Halya, “It does not matter how she is going to live with her husband, great or bad. The main thing is individuals will respect her, and no one will count her years”.

Wow, what a wild tradition in this country, maybe, someone will say! The aunt does not think about happiness for her relative, just that people will not count the number of years of an unmarried woman! No, I don’t believe that my auntie did not would like happiness for, Halya. Our aunt was below huge influence associated with local traditions and traditions, even under historical impact.

It is a sad truth. However, Ukraine lost many males in the last centuries’ wars. And every man (even not very good) has immense respect and value in the eyes of Ukrainian ladies. Well, look at the figure. The population of Ukraine is 47 million people. 53. 7% of them are women, fouthy-six. 3% are men. Therefore 7. 4% of Ukrainian women are destined to be by themselves all their life.

By the way, I had been one of these 7. 4% were nevertheless unmarried in 2006. Now I feel like a happy woman, not only because I am finally married, but because I am very fond of my husband. Fortunately, he originates from a country where the proportion connected with population is opposite those of Ukrainian. Thank God, most of us live in the epoch of the Internet; therefore, finding a soul mate now is not a big problem. A person should know where to look for a trusted source of information.