Thermography Testing is an important non-invasive diagnostic process. It involves the use of an infrared camera to detect excessively hot or cold spots on a component. It is the most basic of all surface temperature detection techniques. No wonder it has emerged as a promising non-destructive evaluation tool in manufacturing and healthcare alike.

What are the benefits of Infrared Thermography Testing in Canada?

[1] Better diagnosis

Infrared thermography is a very effective way to test the temperature of a large number of locations within your building. It is also a good way to monitor your building’s performance over time.

With infrared thermography, you can determine the temperature of many different rooms or parts of your building. The infrared thermography units that are used will also provide you with information as to what conditions they have been in. Most people that use infrared thermography do so because they want to know the best way to improve their buildings.

They may also have additional problems that need to be tested for, like a low return on investment for their HVAC system.

[2] Used in healthcare

Infrared thermography can also be used to make sure that the air quality throughout your hospital is as good as it can possibly be. Thermography is a medical test that uses an infrared camera placed on the body’s surface. It scans the body heat to identify any health anomalies. For example, if the heat map shows an abnormally high occurrence of red (hot) where it should not be, then it can point to an underlying illness or health problem.

[3] It is non-invasive

Infrared thermography is a non-invasive way to test the temperature of your building and therefore does not need any work to be done on the inside of your building. It can be used with various types of tests including infrared imaging, infrared radiation testing, or thermal mapping.

Infrared thermography is a non-invasive medical test that uses an infrared camera placed on the surface of the body. The infrared camera sends heat images to a computer where they are assessed and classified for up to two hours after taking the scan.

[4] Safe for human body

Infrared thermography testing is completely safe for humans. It does not have any radiation.

The key to infrared thermography is that it is more accurate than other types of thermography, including thermal imaging and thermal mapping. This will produce much more valuable information about the people working in your building and can provide you with information that you need for your HVAC system.

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