Iron-based alloys are categorised under Stainless Steel Sheet by Stainless Steel Sheet suppliers in uae. In other words, it’s a metal made up of two or more elements. There is chromium in them at a minimum concentration of 10.5%. The chromium in stainless steel prevents the metal from rusting. Here is some various type of stainless steel sheet.

Stainless steel coil

Stainless steel coil suppliersproduced an alloy steel which features a smooth surface, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, among other qualities. It is an essential component of contemporary industrial production and finds use in many different fields.

Stainless steel strips

The stainless steel strip is a rolled product. Chromium and nickel are used to make these strips. Because of this, they are highly protected from corrosion and high heat. Coils, channels, frames, and angles are all manufactured from this stainless steel strips suppliers form.

ss chequered plate

It is possible to find stainless steel plates with various finishes, including a “chequered” pattern. Pipes, plates, sheets, and coils made from stainless steel are some of the most widely utilised in the industrial sector. Different grades, specs, and sizes are available in ss chequered plate supplier in UAE.

2b Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

The 2b Finish Stainless Steel Sheet finish has a basic, non-reflective finish and a consistent flatness throughout. The finish is often grey and matte, making it an excellent choice for many essential applications.

hr coil

Hot-rolled coils and sheets, also known as HR sheets and hr coil suppliers, are a type of hot-rolled steel. For many years, Mehta Steels has been a trusted supplier of HR sheets, HR coils, and HSM plates to businesses in the shipbuilding, fabrication, power, sugar, cement, and fertiliser industries, among others.

304 Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel type 304, often acquired in an annealed or cold-worked state before purchase, is the type of stainless steel used most frequently. 304 Stainless Steel Sheet suppliers in uae, usually produced 18/8 stainless steel due to its proportions of chromium (Cr) and nickel (Ni), contains 18% chromium.

304L Stainless Steel Sheet

304L is a low-carbon variant of the 304L Stainless Steel Sheet. The sheet of stainless steel with the designation 304l has 18% chromium and 8% nickel incorporated into its composition. The high weldability of the SS 304L Sheet can be attributed to its lower carbon content, which is limited to a maximum of 0.030%.

316 Stainless Steel Sheet

However, because of its reduced carbon content, 316 Stainless Steel Sheet suppliers preferred this material for usage in situations where the metal could be sensitised. 316H stainless steel, the higher carbon variety, has improved thermal stability and creep resistance. The stabilised 316Ti version of 316 stainless steel is also prevalent. The intergranular corrosion resistance of 316Ti stainless steel is higher than that of other stainless steel.


Stainless steel is a form of iron alloy that is distinguished by its resistance to corrosion thanks to the presence of chromium in the alloy at a specific proportion. Its corrosion resistance is accomplished by forming a thin film of metal oxides, which acts as a shield against corrosive substances.