The CCTV is used for monitoring and transmitting the monitored data to a far location. For transmitting the data, both wired and wireless systems are used; however, the use of wireless technology is getting more and more popular because of their simplicity. In the wireless structure, the transmitter sends the video and audio signal to the receiver through a fixed radio band. cctv singapore

Based on the technology, there are two types of Wireless CCTV Systems available. The first one is analog system which uses the traditional radio frequencies, and the other one is modern digital system which also use radio frequency, but in higher band and the data is transmitted in encoded form.

There is a huge difference between these two Wireless CCTV Systems and the digital system is better and more powerful than the analog system. First of all, the covering range of the digital Wireless CCTV Systems is larger. Unlike the 300 feet of the analog cameras, the digital cameras can send signal to 450 feet or so. A very powerful one can do even better. cctv company singapore

The digital cameras have better video and audio quality. They can capture images from much more distance with nice zooming feature. Some of these cameras have face detection system and they are easier for detecting any particular scenario through the image processing technology. A great fact about the digital structure is it can be used as a two-way communication where both the receiver and transmitter are capable of transmitting and receiving data and command. With this feature, you can control the camera and give necessary commands. For example, you can rotate the camera at any angle to get a better view. It is also possible to connect multiple cameras with only one receiver and record the transmitted data there.

The most important feature of the digital CCTV is it is totally secure and the transmitted data is unbreakable. The transmitter sends encoded data which can be decoded only with a secure code which is pre-installed in the receiver. So even if someone can detect the transmitted signals, he won’t be able to crack it without knowing the code. This makes the digital cameras crucial for a well protected secure program. cctv installation

Comparing with the digital cameras, the analog Wireless CCTV Systems are not good enough. But it costs much less. The total setup cost is in the digital system is very expensive and unless you are not using the monitoring for highly secure procedure, the analog cameras are better choice; especially if you have low budget.