Smartphones and applications have made our lives easy to lead. They have provided us with the comfort of accessing services from our houses.

Take, for instance, beauty services. Could you have ever wondered if you would have an application that would make it easy for you to access beauty services through an app? No, right? This is courtesy of innovations taking place at such an accelerated pace. This is particularly in the salon business and the beauty salon market. This has given birth to the Uber for salon app. Not only has it made beauty services easy to access for customers. It has equally given support to the beauticians and the salon business to boost their visibility manifold and get their offerings more viewership, so to speak.

As you read the article, you will know about the solution, their advantages, and so on. This will help you to comprehend the nature of its popularity owing to which traditional beauty services are focusing on the development of an app to boost their presence online. Lastly, we will give you the steps to streamline your app development journey. This is when you set out on developing it for your beauty service setup.

Rise of Uber for Salon App

To help the salons in their pursuit of boosting their visibility among a greater percentage of customers, and assist the salon professionals particularly to earn flexibly through the beauty services they offer, the Uber for salon app has been developed.

The app allows customers to access different beauty services, and connect to beauticians nearby their vicinity when the latter sets their availability online.

Check out the workflow of the beauty salon app.

How does the Uber for Salon App Work?

The beauty and salon app has easy operations. Check this in the pointers below.

  • Customer enters the app and taps on the beauty service they wish to access like a haircut, eyebrow, manicure, etc, and adds their location details to get a list of beauticians nearby.
  • They choose a beautician that they feel will be able to deliver the offerings in the best way and book the service thereafter.
  • The beautician accepts the request, and as per the date and timing reaches the location of customers to provide the beauty offerings.
  • Based on the service received, the customer provides a rating and review.

Let’s now take a glance through their features.

Features to Include in Uber for Salon App

The Uber for salon app has some unique constituents within so that customers and beauticians can easily and comfortably connect.

Customer app features

  • Social media login
  • View various beauty services
  • Choose Stylist/Salon
  • Book or schedule an appointment
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple payment options
  • Cancellation policy
  • Rate and review
  • View past bookings
  • In-app chat or call

Beautician app features

  • Easy registration
  • Manage Profile
  • View and confirm bookings
  • Push notifications
  • Manage calendar and availability
  • Accept/reject/reschedule the booking request of the user
  • List services and their respective prices
  • Earning history

Admin/Salon owner panel features

  • Seamless dashboard
  • Manage staff members
  • Manage staff customers
  • Catalog management
  • Service management
  • Accept/decline the request of users
  • Service pricing management
  • Generate daily/weekly/monthly Reports

Looking at these above-mentioned aspects you must be wondering if they alone are responsible for the standout image of the Uber for salon app. The answer is no. The market stats provided below also gives testimony of the same in detail.

Market Stats for Uber for Salon App

Before one enters into the journey to perform on-demand salon app development, one must look at the numbers. This gives testimony to its lucrative nature.

  • Current revenues are at $534 billion in 2022.
  • Growth in profits to occur at a CAGR of 5.86% between 2022 to 2026.
  • Beauty industry profits to cross $120 billion by 2025.

With a comprehensive view that you have gauged of the nature of popularity of the Uber for salon app, you can understand why traditional salon setups are considering performing on-demand beauty services app development. It needs to be noted here that the process requires a lot of steps to be adhered to.

How to Perform On-Demand Salon App Development?

Operating a traditional offline beauty salon setup, particularly in the current digital era where an app presence is necessary to stay relevant, the process of on-demand beauty and barber services app development should be done meticulously. This will allow the end solution to gain a competitive edge and earn more returns from the first day itself. Here are some ways through which this can become easy to achieve.

Research Well

Perform your research well on business and revenue models. This will help you to learn the different ways to provide beauty services to customers and earn considerable revenues from the same.

Here’s providing you the business models you can choose:

  1. Dedicated model to assist local salons to expand their business and gain more perceptibility.
  2. Aggregator model where independent beauticians, makeup artists, etc., get the flexibility to unite and earn viewership.

Let’s now get a comprehensive view of the revenue models.

  • Charging commissions to beauty experts on the charges they incur for beauty services they offer.
  • Starting a sponsorship program to provide visibility to the partners who wish to register on the platform.
  • Through in-app advertising and charging a particular app to the advertiser to generate sufficient revenues.

Ideate Appropriate App Design Strategy

It is a good idea that you ideate an appropriate app design strategy. This is possible after you study the activities of your competitors and understand the target audience’s needs.

Know the USP of your competitors. Have an insight into the features and locate possible missing elements in their solution.

Once you have comprehended these aspects, it will become easy for you to ideate an app design strategy that will allow more user retention and engagement.

Choose Appropriate Tech Stacks

To ensure customers can book beauty services from the salon app you develop, use robust tech stacks.

  • For Android: Kotlin or Java
  • For iOS: Swift
  • For Front-end: React, Java, Angular, CSS, HTML
  • For Back-end: Node.JS, Express.JS, Python
  • Payments: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, EWallets
  • For Server: AWS
  • Push Notifications: Twilio,
  • For Database: MongoDB, HBase, Postgres

Partner with On-Demand Salon App Development Company

Probably one of the best ways to save on costs when you enter the journey of on-demand beauty services app development is to partner with a reputed salon app development company.

Assess their expertise in the field, followed by going through their portfolio carefully. Also, observe the client reviews.

All this will allow you to get a comprehensive view of whether the organization can handle your project well.

Let’s now get a comprehensive view of the cost to develop the Uber for salon app.

Estimated Cost to Build a Salon App

Entering the journey to digitize your salon business operations, it is a good idea that you focus on the cost aspect. To keep this constant, you need to maintain a user-friendly design and include relevant features.

However, the average cost of salon app development would be around $15,000 to $25,000, if you avail of mobile app development services from a reliable company. The cost may go high as per your requirements.

But, if you choose to get your mobile app developed in the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe, the cost estimation will automatically increase.

Wrapping up

To expand your brand outreach in the salon business sphere, you must maintain an app presence. It will allow your beauticians to manage their different tasks like a pro, starting from appointments to payments. It will assist customers to get access to different beauty offerings in the comfort of their houses. To do that, simply connect with a reputed salon app development company to see your app idea coming to life, and soon your business starting to earn profitable returns.