Telehander largely facilitates infra projects by combining the components of a forklift and a crane. This, as a result, offers several advantages. For instance, it enables on-road/off-road driving while being flexible because of its boom length. 

In fact, farming professionals often query about this agriculture equipment price. This is because, apart from the construction industry, this machine immensely aids in the farming sector as well. 

Moreover, this machine can move and lift loads to otherwise unreachable heights. Consequently, heavy-duty manufacturing companies like JCB & CAT are massively investing in R&D so as to produce equipment with smart technology.

Featuring Top 2 Telehandlers from CAT & JCB


This is one of the most sought-after telehandler models from CAT. Rightly so, the model comes equipped with highly advanced features. To begin with, the telehandler has a maximum lifting capacity of 7 metres. 

This functionality massively facilitates the transportation and placement of heavy materials at construction sites. Additionally, its gross power standard is 75 HP. 

Moreover, the machine’s capacity at maximum height is about 3500 kg. This particular feature ensures maximum work output. Above all, the price range of this machine is between Rs. 39 – 41 Lakhs in India. 

Additionally, the excavation equipment from CAT is also popular among infra professionals. Above all, the price range.


This is a versatile telescopic handler with a maximum lifting capacity of 12 metres. This feature makes this equipment ideal for transporting heavy materials to and from a great height. 

Moreover, this telehandler has a high-performing engine, generating up to 56 HP. Both these features ensure massive work output while ensuring work efficiency as well. 

In fact, this model ensures utmost comfort in operations, thanks to its inbuilt JCB Smooth Ride System. More importantly, the price range of this model is quite reasonable. 

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