How would you describe a laser module? It is a device that converts the energy pumped into a system into light energy. It is a critical device and frankly and unfortunately many factors can end up reducing the module’s life span. This is because they are extremely sensitive to power spikes and also can get damaged easily when mishandled. If you want to learn what you can do to extend your module’s lifespan, then you are at the right place. You can visit to see the best 40-watt laser module that Snapmaker has built.

  1. Minimize handling

This might seem very inconsequential but it is very crucial. Most mistakes are usually made during the laser module setup. How so? The laser module is touched and handled in ways that damage it. The semiconductor crystal and its coatings are extremely sensitive. This makes it easy for unpacked lasers to be damaged even before they start working due to improper handling and cleaning.

This makes it necessary to wear nitrile gloves when handling your laser modules to avoid passing other contaminants to your laser module. Another way to extend its lifespan is to avoid static discharge by using electrostatic straps and ESD table mats to handle the modules. Ensure you never clean your laser module with solvents unless you have completely sealed the module.

  1. Prevent overheating

For any machine to operate efficiently, it must have its cooling system working optimally. One fault in your cooling system and your laser module is gone. Overheating is extremely dangerous, not just for your device, but also for you. One of the ways to ensure you avoid any cases of overheating is by setting the laser module to the lower of its heat specification. Another way is investing in a temperature controller.

  1. Use a stable power supply

Power is also one of the major causes of reduced life span. Power surges and spikes can damage the electrical connections or optical cavities in the laser modules. These weaken the laser modules greatly. How does one go around this issue? You can invest in a proper driver to manage power circuits and supply the laser module with a steady power supply.

The current needs to be carefully controlled before it gets into the laser module since it is a current-sensitive device. A proper driver delivers these amazing results. If your laser module is giving you a hard time, consider getting a 40W 3D printer laser module from Snapmaker at