Madhya Pradesh’s capital city, Bhopal, has many schools where the students receive high-quality education in an excellent learning atmosphere. Choosing the right school for your kid is a very important step, and in this blog, we will trace the best 10 schools in Bhopal. These learning institutions have continuously performed well in academics, extra-curricular activities, and student growth. Whether you are looking for the top CBSE Schools in Bhopal or the best boarding schools in Bhopal, this blog can be your ideal guide. 

Leading Schools in Bhopal For an Enriched Educational Experience 

St George Senior Secondary School 

St. George Senior Secondary School was initiated in the year 1994 and was later put under the administration of Catholicate and MD schools located in Kottayam. The school is dedicated towards value-based education with emphasis placed on personality development, character building, and academic prowess. The medium of instruction in the school is English, and Hindi and Malayalam are the second and third languages, respectively. The school emphasises personal attention and creates an environment where teachers and students interact frequently. St. George Senior Secondary School has been transformed over the years into one of the best Higher Secondary institutions of excellence and access to education.

Sage International School 

Sage International School (SIS) is one of the top schools within Bhopal that prioritises academic achievement. SIS is one of the top CBSE schools in Bhopal that works under the Sagar Group of institutes in Bhopal. The Shri Agrawal Technical Education Society manages this school. Sage International School has two campuses; the first is within Sagar Institute of Research and Technology, located along Ayodhya bypass road, and the second is on Kolar Road. The schools’ location in such places presents ease of access to both students and their families.

The picturesque surroundings of Sage International School, which sets it apart from other leading CBSE schools in Bhopal, are very impressive. The school is in a green and posh neighbourhood, making it a calm and ideal place for students’ concentration and learning.

Peoples Public School

People Public School remains firm in its resolve and works on principles of precise, quantifiable, measurable and observable results for all candidates and students. It is due to the school’s mission, which aims to offer a values-based learning experience to developing minds in a dynamic school setting. The school protects all students who seek to achieve it through instruction and active learning. Moreover, the school has a team of committed professional teachers who are knowledgeable and come from reputable fields.

World Way International School

They strive to give their best to ensure a world-class child’s education. Located in Kathmandu and operated by Mahendra Siksha Samiti, World Way International School has been recognised with the CBSE affiliation for its quality education provision since 2004. It provides a quality learning environment for children from Nursery to Senior Secondary as it is a co-educational approach. The school is located in a 5-acre area that is green with lovely gardens and picturesque buildings. The school is well-equipped with modern facilities that cater for the overall development of children. Thanks to its innovative pedagogical methods, steadfast dedication to excellence, and dynamic approach, World Way International School has become the best boarding schools in Bhopal.

Sagar Public School 

Sagar Public School (SPS), Bhopal, started with its first branch in Saket Nagar, Bhopal, in 2001. Currently, SPS is among the top universities in central India, having expanded at a very high speed over more than two decades. SPS is one of the largest schools in central India, with 6 branches and over 11,000 students.

SPS is considered one of the leading schools in Bhopal; the rich faculty makes it a vibrant place for efficient teaching and learning. The school’s motto is “enterprise and endeavour”, but it watches new education projects to shorten the path of excellence it has gone through.

Campion School

In Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, there is a private Catholic primary and secondary school called Campion School for boys. Among the oldest schools in Bhopal, it was established by the Jesuits in July 1965. In a 2019 ranking by Education World India, Campion School was affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It was named the top Boys Day School in Madhya Pradesh, placing it among the city’s best schools. Its campus is located in the Arera Colony neighbourhood and spans 49 acres.

Delhi Public School

With an emphasis on utilising each student’s natural abilities to promote holistic development, DPS, Bhopal, has steadfastly worked towards the beloved objective of “Laying the Foundation of Excellence.” Experimentation, exploration, and experience. These are the three pillars of their educational philosophy that lead to excellence in the end. Sports and games are taught as an essential and required component of the curriculum at Delhi Public School. Participating in sports can foster character development and instil the value of self-control.

Narayana Schools

Madhya Pradesh, the second largest state in the area, is in central India. The state has an extensive road and rail network that links its major cities, expansive markets, medical facilities, and rural areas. Madhya Pradesh is a leader in several industries outside of agriculture, including engineering, textile manufacturing, automobiles, agricultural equipment, etc.

 Since the founding in 1979, they have dedicated themselves to giving students access to the greatest resources possible to help them succeed academically. Narayana Educational Institutions is a network of over 750 schools, junior colleges, coaching centres, and professional colleges dispersed over 23 states. The Narayana Group of Schools, which is a division of the Narayana Group, has been offering top-notch resources to support a 360-degree learning ecosystem for over 40 years.


Bhopal also has excellent schools which subscribe to different educational boards and ideologies. Presented in this article are the top 10 schools in Bhopal, recognised as leading institutions in education and total learning experience. Keep in mind that every school has its strong points of focus. We hope that this guide has been useful in assisting you to choose the right school for your child’s bright future in Bhopal city.

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