There’s nothing as satisfying and pleasing as capturing those special moments of your little one’s initial years of life. Every milestone is a precious memory to be treasured, from the first smile to the first steps. And what better way to display and cherish those memories than with an elegant baby photo frame?

baby print frame

A baby photo frame is a beautiful and timeless addition to any nursery or home. It serves as a reminder of the joy and love that your baby brings into your life, serving as a treasured memory keeper. 


The best thing about baby photo frames is that they make a beautiful gift for new parents or grandparents. It allows them to showcase their little bundle of joy and cherish those memories forever. 


Capture Tiny, Tender Toes and Fingers In a Baby Print Frame


As our little ones grow up so fast, having an imprint of their tiny little fingers and toes alongside their pictures can serve as a beautiful keepsake of how small they used to be. A baby print frame from Baby Made contains everything you need for the hassle-free and safe capture of your baby’s adorable hand and footprint.


We offer the most stylish baby photo frames in Australia with a baby handprint kit to easily and quickly capture those cute and precious memories of your little one. Our inkless print kit is malleable and mess-free, allowing you to finish the job within a few minutes. The kit contains non-toxic and 100% baby-safe materials, ensuring it is safe for newborn babies.

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