When it comes to crafting essays, individuals often find themselves at a crossroads – should they embark on the journey of composing an essay themselves, or should they opt for the expertise of a professional essay writer? This decision carries significant implications for both the quality of the work and the learning experience of the writer.

In this blog, we will delve into the pros and cons of each approach, helping you make an informed choice –

  1. Quality and Expertise

There are no restrictions on writing the papers yourself. But even after getting tuition and guidance, differences exist between a student and a professional writer.

Professional writers carry years of experience under their belt. They know the nuances of essay writing much better than any average student. Not to mention, they are often PhD graduates. Hence, their level of expertise in the subject is at a much higher level than any DIY essays. Professionally written essays are usually crafted by experienced writers or subject matter experts. So, they are always of much higher quality in terms of research, structure, and writing style. While self-written essays can impress the readers, there is no guarantee of quality and vary widely in quality.

  1. Research

Students are always asked to conduct extensive research before writing an essay. While students do their best to research well, they lack the basics. Most students don’t have the knowledge of where and how to look for content. So, their research results yield half-baked results, which eventually leads to a sub-par essay.

But when students ditch the DIY plan and hire professionals, they can eliminate such issues. Professional essays typically involve extensive research. This means they access various academic sources and databases to compile the data. So, professionally written essays are always well-researched than self-written essays, which mostly rely on personal knowledge and limited research.

  1. Structure and Organisation

It is fundamental for essays to maintain a uniform structure and organisation throughout the essay. For example, the standard essay structure instructs the students to divide it into 5 parts – An introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. While writing DIY essays, students are usually under a lot of pressure. Moreover, the limited time forces them to focus more on completing the paper. So, they often mess up with the correct structures. Organising tons of data and arranging them in a logical order also requires skills.

On the contrary, professional writers don’t face any such problems. Professionally written essays always follow established academic structures. They are experts in creating perfect outlines and following them to create immaculate essays. Self-written essays may lack this level of organisation.

  1. Grammar and Style

It is often said that “grammar is the soul of the language.” So, writing an English paper and maintaining proper grammar is extremely crucial. However, students rarely do that. They keep messing up with the grammar, which results in inaccurate essays. Most students don’t have access to accurate grammar checker tools, which makes it even harder for students to ensure grammatical accuracy.

But this is not the case with professional writers. Professional essays are more likely to be free of grammatical errors and maintain a consistent writing style. Moreover, they have ready access to the tools that can help them correct grammar easily. They also have a better understanding of the requirements and tweaking the style as needed. So, professionally written essays get an edge over self-written essays, which have more errors and inconsistencies.

  1. Originality and Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered a heinous crime in academics. Students are no strangers to the consequences of plagiarism. Despite knowing how it can impact them, they rarely can do anything about it. They try to be careful while citing sources or paraphrasing a text. But that is not enough to save them. So, despite their best efforts, students often find themselves accused of plagiarism, hence losing marks.

Professionally written essays are expected to be entirely original and free from plagiarism. They not only know the right techniques to get past the loopholes but also have access to anti-plagiarism tools. Moreover, many reputed writers ensure originality by incorporating their ideas in their essays. Self-written essays can never truly match this level and fall short of professionally written ones.

  1. Time and Effort

Most essays are long-time commitments. Self-written essays require the author to invest time and effort in research, writing, and editing. However, students rarely find any free time to do their essays after attending classes, lab sessions, and extracurricular activities. Students staying away from their family finds it even more difficult to put any effort into their homework. So, when they try to do the essay in a DIY approach, it becomes a recipe for failure.

However, professionally written essays can save time and reduce the effort required. They are dedicated professionals who can work continuously to finish one task – your essays. So, professionals can take half the time and effort to write even superior essays.

  1. Cost

There are certainly many benefits of hiring MyAssignmentHelp essay help online. However, all these benefits come at a price. Most of the time, this cost is more than what most students can afford. Students who live under a budget cannot afford to splurge on getting homework. Even though some websites promise a cheaper rate, many students find them hard to manage from a limited fund. On the other hand, self-written essays are free. But to write something that matches the same level of a professional, you would require time and skills.

  1. Customisation

Another point in favour of self-written essays is that it gives the writer scope for expressing personal views. Professionals usually prefer to abide by the guidelines you have specified and rarely do anything beyond that. So, customisation isn’t something you can expect from the professionals.

  1. Audience

The audience for self-written essays may be limited to the author, instructors, or a small group. However, professionally written essays may be intended for a wider audience, such as academic journals or publications.

Summing Up:

Professionally written essays are often more polished, well-researched, and error-free, but they come at a cost. Self-written essays provide the opportunity for personal expression but may vary in quality and adherence to academic standards. So, you have to assess your priority and make a decision accordingly.

Author Bio:

Timothy White is a reputed professor and a leading writer for MyAssignmenthelp.com.