Many times, despite your best efforts, you may not succeed in a job interview. Or frequently, even after being chosen somewhere, it is difficult to find employment. It’s, therefore, important for you to be aware of the fact that somewhere there are some malefic defects in your Horoscope. That’s why you need to consult your Janam Kundli in Hindi from our astrologer in order to follow the right path. But it does not mean that your efforts will continue to fail. At a point of time, when you feel dull and no one seems to guide you and bother about your pain and suffering. For sure you may find Astrology to serve as your best companion to guide you in the best ways possible.  

So in such situations, Astrology can be like ‘Ramban’ in your all life stacking problems. It is believed that if few effective measures are adopted all your problems related to jobs and money can easily be tackled and overcome. As a result, if you are not able to get success in any exam or interview to get a job then it is firmly believed that the planetary moments in your horoscope are not in your favor. 

So if you want to get success in competitive exams and jobs it can be beneficial for you to try these effective astrological remedies to get your desired job and pass the interview.    

  1. In astrology, the planet Sun is considered to be the factor of the political and official sectors. In such a situation, regularly offering water to the Sun God and chanting the ‘Om Suryaya Namah’ mantra is considered beneficial to remove the obstacles in getting a job.
  1. The great importance of worshiping Shree Yantra has been told for getting progress in examinations or jobs. For this, on a Friday, spread a new pink-colored cloth on a post and install Shree Yantra on it. And then recite the Kanakadhara source after this. All your work will start getting done.
  1. According to astrology, wear a yellow shirt while going for an interview. Apart from this, keeping a yellow-colored handkerchief or 2 lumps of turmeric in your pocket is also considered auspicious.
  1. If you are facing failure in an interview again and again, then put a mirror on the north wall of your house, it can give you positive results in the interview.
  1. Due to the malefic effects of Saturn in the Kundli, problems start arising in your works, in such a situation, to strengthen the position of Saturn in your Birth chart or Kundli, one should visit the temple of Shani Dev every Saturday and feed dumplings to a black dog.
  1. Chanting Gayatri Mantra 27 times before going for an interview and offering laddoos to Lord Ganesha is also auspicious.
  1. In astrology, the worship of the Sun God Shiva and Peepal is considered to be of special importance. It is said that if one regularly offers water to the Sun Sewer Peepal tree, it removes all the problems in getting a job, but never compromises with your karma. You must continue doing it no matter what; if you obtain a job, you must not stop offering water.
  1. According to our online astrologers, if you want a job of your choice, then prefer wearing Rudraksha, and before you do so make sure that you should only wear one Mukhi 10 Mukhi, and 11 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is believed that by wearing these, the chances of getting a desired job are created, and along with this, speed up your efforts, pay attention to your hard work, and leave no stone unturned. Especially when you go for an interview for a new job, do not forget to take the blessings of elders and parents in the house because they have been called deities in this world. The blessings of the parents also act as an illegal shield for every child in all difficulties, so respect the parents and do not forget to take their blessings.

Thus, if you need any information related to your job or interview on the right and accurate scale, then you can unhesitatingly talk to astrologer online, and don’t forget to download our Myastroguruji online app available on Play Store.