Android phones are the new means of entertainment for people of all age groups. It is filled with applications like games, social media, reel maker, photo editor, etc., to keep the users amused for 24 hours. Many IT students have created full and beta versions by taking help with programming assignment and setup their full-fledged careers.

However, very few of them contribute to the welfare of society. They gave priority to helping people who were suffering due to the scarcity of resources to assist them. Most of them focus on earning profit to get rich as quickly as possible. But what about society? what about those people who appeal to get help when they want the most? In the race to gain wealthy status, they forgot their obligations to the country.

For those who do that but lack ideas on how they can help in the betterment of their nation, read this article till the end. The topic of discussion will explain some fields where such programmers can give their contribution.

5 Suggestions Students Can Take to Develop Social Welfare Apps

Your phones are filled with applications like Fortnite, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Snapseed, and many more but very few applications related to social welfare. Very few students enroll in programming courses to help those in need by developing such helpful applications. But they lack the guidance to fulfill this objective.

So, listed below are five suggestions that students looking for assignment writing help can take to proceed with the cause:

Transport Applications:

America is a vast country where advancement is on the papers and in the country to see. Regardless of such improvement, some areas still need some improvement.

That is because the population there is highly situated in a few specific states like New York, California, and Texas. So the usual focus will primarily be on these locations to provide new and updated information.

What programmers can do to help is create transport applications that include cabs, buses, trains, and flights all in one place, so users can quickly check them without jumping between the apps.

Women Safety Applications:

Technology may have brought many things, but the one thing it hasn’t changed is the oppression of women. 91% of women in the USA have reported the crime of rape and sexual assault, ranking them at the top of the pile.

There is no step taken against this crime syndicate to end it and ensure the safety of ladies. So, if you are willing to make a difference, develop a mobile application that can help them call for help if they feel unsafe.

Children Well-Being Application:

When it comes to children, a parent wants to ensure the safety of their off-springs. Many children go through physical and emotional abuse, exploitation, or worse, sex trafficking.

When such kids face these problems, they cannot find any help as they are not so strong against the one who abducted them. So, if there was an application where they submit a request about their current situation and location, then arranging help for them will not take much time.

Find Supplies for the Destitutes:

Every person breathing on the planet requires basic requirements like food, water, and shelter to tackle the harshness of life. However, not everyone has the kind of luck to have all three.

What programmers can do is, develop such applications that can form a community to help those who cannot find such places. Furthermore, this application can link to the population census to identify those who live without basic needs.

Educate about Mental Sickness:

A large percentage of the population works in the corporate sector to earn their livelihood. Because they are involved in this hectic work life, they forget to take time for mental peace and physical rest.

The fact is, many employees are unaware that break is as important as working. In the contest to earn money, they neglect the importance of their body and fall sick. It impacts their performance, consistency, and hopes to achieve their objectives. An application to teach them the side effects and the method to deal with them can help them improve their lifestyle.

Concluding Statements

The above-discussed pointers are suggestions for those IT students who want to make applications by taking help with programming assignment to contribute to improving their society.