The use of video for companies is perfect for transmitting ideas and provoking sensations in the viewer. Its popularity in business is booming, as it allows you to show customers what is special about your company. A short video describing your products or highlighting your experience will do a lot of the work in getting a sale. The message must be clear so that the user, who will be the potential client, can perfectly understand the message and your video marketing campaign can take effect.


One of the most searched topics on the Internet is how to carry out a good video marketing strategy. Below we leave you a series of useful tips to start using video for companies in your online marketing strategy.


Research the interests of your audience

Use the Google Trends tool to find out the interests of your audience and offer content related to their searches. Resolving the doubts of your potential clients with tutorials, video blogs, etc., could be a good way to start. When they see your videos explaining what they wanted to know, they will realize that you are an expert in the sector and they will want to know more about your services.


Help your customers with tutorials

By making tutorials, people looking for information on that particular topic can find you, and it will usually be a target audience for your niche. If you have a product that is difficult to use, create a video providing step-by-step instructions for users. They will appreciate the time you spent explaining how your products work. Thus, the next time they want information about a certain product, they are likely to come to you.


Testimonials build trust

Use customer testimonials to build brand image and build trust among your customers. Allow them to speak openly and naturally about their experience. Many consumers would rather trust personal testimonials than anything else you might try to sell them. No need to set up any film sets, just ask some of your satisfied customers to record themselves talking about your company.


Present yourself

Include a greeting in your video. If viewers don’t know who is talking to them, they won’t be able to return to your channel in the future. Introduce yourself with your name and the name of your company and explain what information you are going to provide in the video during the first 8 seconds . Emphasize the problem you are going to solve and offer a solution throughout the course of the video. Before finishing, remember who you are again and include a call to action that links to your website or channel.


Analyze your videos

Study the statistics available for your videos, whether they are the statistics of your server or of YouTube . It will help you compare each video you make so that you can easily identify which ones are successful and why, so you can apply it to your other content. Continuous analysis is the best way to refine your video marketing strategy. You can also analyze the strengths of your competition to apply them in your videos.


Don’t stop creating

Make use of video even if you don’t have expensive equipment. Investing in high-quality cameras, microphones, and editing software can be a big expense that not everyone can afford. Instead, focus on the relevance of your video content, designing it to engage viewers . When this starts to bring you benefits, you will ask yourself again if you really need to invest.


Video marketing can improve your presence on the web and on social media. Its message is more emotional, it connects with your followers and it can easily go viral, which is difficult to achieve with other types of content. Therefore, start making use of video for companies .