Don’t Starve Together features many playable characters to choose from. Here are the best to start the game with.
The new multiplayer sequel to Don’t Starve, which is Don’t Starve Together, is exciting gamers everywhere. There are many new features in the game on which players are thriving in comparison to Don’t Starve. Some of these new features have to do with the playable characters.
Each character comes with their specific pros and cons and is unique in their own quirky way. However, some characters are much easier to start with than others in Don’t Starve Together. It’s important for players to feel out the game before pursuing anything too complicated. So, which characters are better and worse for players to start with?
Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together has recently come out on the Nintendo Switch, allowing more gamers to try their hand at surviving harsh elements and fighting off both the darkness and the various creatures that roam the land in the game. Veterans of the game already know what they’re doing, many probably grinding away at experience to start unlocking their favorite characters to play with, or even purchasing DLCs to test out any new characters. However, for the beginners who are unsure of where to begin on a game so harsh, these are some of the best starting characters to try out either alone or in co-op. There will be some added information to the previous entries, as well as an additional three entries to optimize players choices to find the best suitable character.
While Wolfgang is terrified of the dark, this strongman is still a great character to have on a team. Wolfgang has three forms on his Mighty Meter that can be filled by lifting weights, but slowly decreases over time if not maintained. The three forms are Whimpy, which is 0-25 on the Mighty Meter, Normal at 25-75, and Mighty at 75-100. When Wolfgang is at his mightiest of forms, he will deal 2x more damage and can carry heavier items with ease. Freezing and overheating has no effect on him, and chopping trees is 150% more effective.
Wolfgang has his own crafting tab, so he can create things like Dumbbells to build his Might Meter up. The gym does decrease hunger, however, so make sure to stock up on foods for Wolfgang while he’s working out.
The biggest disadvantage is when Wolfgang is at his Whimpy stage. He deals 75% less damage to enemies, and can freeze or overheat faster than usual. As mentioned, he is more scared of the dark than most characters, meaning his Sanity drains faster, even in Caves. His Sanity also changes depending on how many friends or enemies he has around him, within 16 meters. So while this brute is scared of the dark, having him around friends can offset the disadvantages and allow him to focus on his strength (literally).