We know people who get sick and then suddenly turn to turmeric tablets or whichever kind of tablets they think will help them. The thing with taking supplements, and you should research the supplements that you take, is to take them on an ongoing basis. Supplements that are natural are not expensive and they are easy to come by. There is a supplement for pretty much everything, but the overall idea behind supplements is that you take them to boost your immune system and to ensure a healthy body. The supplements a woman of a certain age takes may be different to the supplements that a man takes. And children’s supplements will be different to adult supplements. For your kids, you probably want the general vitamins and nutrients that they should be getting in their food, but often aren’t, and perhaps you want magnesium. For women as they age, calcium, magnesium, turmeric, the vitamins and then there are a host of others too. Check with the experts.

Why turmeric?

Turmeric has healing qualities and is one of those natural supplements that is a food. Turmeric is a herb and so many see it as a herbal medicine, but it has been ‘manufactured’ into powders and capsules. People use turmeric for things as serious as rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic anterior uveitis as well as for diseases or illnesses like conjunctivitis and even to potentially prevent different cancers. It can help take away the pain of chicken pox by reducing the itch, and for wound healing, urinary tract infections, and heart health.

There are so many good uses for turmeric and a teaspoon over your coffee, in your tea, or swallowed daily in siupplement form can be really helpful. It is probably easiest to take turmeric tablets and just follow the instructions of one or so per day.